Heroes of Albion – Our Honoured Fallen

Honey Soy

Talented dancer, caring healer, cake-loving bard.

Adored Artist-in-Chief to the Queen’s Herald.

Taryn Barliansson

Champion, Captain, Friend.

A loyal and steadfast supporter of the Pendragon Throne.

Elusive DayKin

Talented ritualist and diplomat and oft thought dedicated follower of fashion.

Sathareal Auvreamentor

Protector, Counsellor, Prankster.

Wielder of the Iron of Flaming Glory.

Osuna Keldar

A Sheriff of Albion.

Keen of eye and sense.

Captain of the Galatine Battalion.

Polly RooK

Sacrificed herself to weaken Dolorous Stroke’s hold on Albion.

The only thing bigger than her heart was her bosom.

Ma Crow

Mother to us all.

Compelled by Dolorous Stroke to leave the war party in Winchester and slain by agents of Chaos.


Self-declared Ancestor of Common Sense.

Crushed on the battlefield in Winchester by agents of Chaos.


Devoted servant to the Dreadlord

Fell while aiding the Vipers.

Gianluca di Castiglione Deodati

Died a hero, far from Albion, aiding our allies in the field of  combat.