Heiring concerns!

With our dear queen hunting Calligar on the
plane of the ancestors (see our special ‘Royal
Running Regimen’ next issue!) and no heir
apparently apparent we would look to the
ancestors for guidance! However, the inane
rantings of the clearly insane so-called
kingmaker have offered us an evil ancestor and
some unlikely bint no one has ever heard of!
Doing our civic and Royal duty, this publication
has turned over every stone and left no source
of info untapped!
As such after delving into the darkest dells and
mounting surprise forays to the highest fells
we have uncovered a PenDragon heir in the
form of the ever noble and heroic hair stylings
of none other than Wyndrake Arthur
But why has this potential King not come
forward? Why shun a clearly Royal destiny to
lead Albion to greatness? Does it have
anything to do with ‘the other’ Albione paper?
What hold has the Herald over Wyndrake
PenDragon and how can we free him from that
den of lies?
Enquiring minds want to know!