Healer’s Corner

by Scarlet, Master Healer of the Harts

I would like to introduce you to Callow, one of my newer assistants. He has been an invaluable asset to me, gathering information which he has then taken to the Healers Guild for confirmation. He was instrumental in gathering the latest list of curses which you all should be aware of, the following information is from Callow himself.


I wish to inform you of a recent surge of darkness that has been plaguing the fair peoples of Erdreja. I am, of course, speaking of curses.

The following are not the full list, rather, a selection of recent afflictions and more difficult cures. Many of these curses require collaboration and communication to overcome, and so, working together, we shall prevail.

I must stress that some information may be tainted by rumour and misunderstanding. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to inform the Healer’s Guild – you may save someone’s life.

Callow Merryweather

Name: Arcane Resonance

Discerned by: Identify or Diagnose Powers. An Advanced Pattern Scan (APS) will only identify the presence of a curse, but no further information.

Symptoms: Magic is out of reach and the target suffers greatly when in possession of a power rating from any source. We have been informed that all spells bounce back at the caster, and any incantations or chants of duration cause damage for the length of thecasting.

Cure: The afflicted must be the target of a Free Mind spell cast by someone who can heal a Magical Pattern, within an 8 minute period, 4 minutes before and 4 minutes past Noon.

It has come to our attention that the afflicted must use all their power before the cure can begin.

Name: Decay Curse

Discerned by: ‘APS’

Symptoms: Localised form of Decay that spreads from point of infection throughout the body.

Cure: Remove Decay from each location affected. Removal must be quick to prevent re-infection, starting with the body.

Name: Doom Curse

Discerned by: ‘APS’

Symptoms: Fatal damage to all locations. Subject enters a 2 minute grace period. Sanctuary will only extend this to 4 minutes.

Cure: Subject must be target of a Shield From Corruption, and each Fatal Wound must then be removed using Cure Fatal Wound spell. Only then can the subject be healed. This must be accomplished before the grace period expires. Scrolls and Potions are now available for Shield from Corruption and Cure Fatal

Name: Necrotic Blight

Discerned by: ‘APS’

Symptoms: Subjects pattern slowly unravels. Expected death within 24 hours.

Cure: Subject must be the target of 6 successive Total Heal spells.

Name: Skaven Skabies

Discerned by: ‘APS’

Symptoms: Affects Beastkin. The afflicted moves slower, is under a Wasting effect and is immune to the Ritual of Peace. Death is expected within 24 hours. Currently not known to be infectious but quarantine is recommended.

Cure: Subject must be the target of a rite performed by a Rite Master. Rite must be focussed on cleansing and have 16 thaums of power donated by those able to cast Remove Decay.

Casting Remove Disease on the subject damages them, casting Remove Decay on thesubject hurts them a lot.

Name: Silver Rash

Discerned by: Unknown.

Symptoms: Targets Were- Creatures, unknown at this time if it affects other creatures. Target is believed to discern as Diseased but if the disease is removed then the regeneration process kills the subject. It is currently believed that before removing the disease the subject should have wounds inflicted to all locations by a silver weapon. After, Heal as one would a usual diseased and wounded patient. This information needs confirming with the Healers Guild.

Name: Ignorance

Discerned by: Identify or Diagnose Powers. APS will only identify the presence of a curse, but no further information.

Symptoms: Causes loss of skills, Tier by Tier. The Healer’s Guild aren’t certain on time limits, although ten minutes per tier is the rough estimate. The victim doesn’t know which skills they’ve lost, because they’ve forgotten they’ve even had them. When the time runs out, and Tier 1 skills have been forgotten, the pattern stops turning and the sufferer will die.

Cure: A rite, with the theme of remembrance. You require a person for each skill, unless someone has multiple skills that the victim has, for example, a healer with mind healing can remind another of revive and advanced healing. Once the rite is complete, four counterspells are needed, one for each thread of the mind weave, with a Free Mind (by a mind healer) cast simultaneously with the last one.