Guilds at the Moots of 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
A Guild Leader meeting was held to investigate the attack upon the Master Weaponsmith at the Convocation of the Guilds.

The Communist Party were asked to approach the Musician’s Guild in order to take singing lessons. In particular, it was hoped that the guild would be able to teach them the words of ‘The Red Flag’ which none of them could remember during their ritual to create the Peoples’ Hammer.

While enjoying a few pints with other members of the Incantors Guild, Elbrath, heard a voice say “All right, who wants to die then?” Whereupon in a fit of frivolity, he put up his hand and said “Yes, why not?” The first speaker turned out to be the Chaos Knight, the Executioner. Elbrath then spent the rest of the weekend attempting to wriggle out of it. Maroc was approached by this individual from the Incantors Guild to find some legal precedent that would give him a stay of execution. It promises will be an interesting legal question.

A gargoyle mysteriously materialised in Incantors’ Guild Tent. After extensive tests, it was established that it consisted of a type of stone that is absent on this plane and is magical. Three new High Incantors were inaugurated. These were Yargon Mac Yokel of the Bears, Matron Mother Xullrae T’sarran Chreotha of the Tarantulas and Zebuchadnezzor of the Gryphons. During the weekend the Incantors Guild performed three rituals. The first was to protect their cash box, the second for the Watchers of Darkwood in the pouring rain and the last to obtain the bowl of visions for the Oracle, Thinks Too Much.

I talked at length with Lord General Thorvald of the Wolves. The most interesting part was his heartfelt support of the Guilds. Lord Thorvald accused Sir Huw of infringement of copyright over a map. This very technical charge will be resolved by the Guild of Cartographers one way or another.

Next time, I will not greet Llewellyn Ap Myrddin with a hand shake as this mage passed onto me this itching pox. I was fully cured by Queen Blodwyn of the Bears who is the incarnation of the Celtic Goddess of Healing. After rampaging through most people at the Moots, the Pox was eventually brought under control. Only the Master Healers could cure it. The Pox could only be controlled for about an hour by normal healers and Incantors. The Alchemists were well on the way to a cure by the end of the Moot.

The Incantors cash box was stolen while in the custody of the Alchemists guild who later admitted responsibility and have since reimbursed the Guild. After the box was returned a ritual was performed to ward against a repeat performance of the disappearing cash box.