By Solstice of the Company Of The Blackened Staff
The poem “Guardians” is a modern composition but deals with one of Albion’s oldest and most enduring legends – the knights of Arthur. It is said that during the mission to recover the Pendragon Throne from its burial place in Empire-occupied Cornwall, members of the Harts came face to face with the vestiges of the throne’s ancient guardians. Coming from Scicilija, it was Solstice of the Blacked Staff’s first encounter with such legends and the experience apparently moved him to record what he saw in verse.
Library Archivist
Summer 1105

Eight we are proud, and true we stand,

Set on high as we guard the land.
Seven we are, and one we tend,

Our king to whom our knees we bend.
Six we are, and one who broke trust,

So his shelter was left to dust.
Yet we remain, as time goes past,

We guard the land until the last.
We wait for one whose blood runs true,

To stand and serve the land anew.
We hold the secrets of the line,

To use against force malign.
As now you know, so must you choose,

Which line you serve lest all you lose.
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