Games of the Fayre

The Queen’s Herald has heard that the way the Fayre works has changed this year.
Instead of the individual main events, you gain a score for each of the six games and then highest score wins overall.
Each event also has a score for best supporters and best sportsmanship marked out of ten for awards in each.
Below is the list of the times of the events.
Harts Games 1116 Timetable
SAT 11:00 12:00 Juggerball
SAT 12:30 13:30 Linear
SAT 14:00 15:00 Battle Chess
SUN 11:00 12:00 Shieldball
SUN 12:30 13:30 Warbands
SUN 14:00 15:00 Bat and Trap
Description: Good old jugger
7 players on the pitch at a time.
Battle Chess
Description: Players take the role of pieces in a large scale game of chess.
16 players per side.
Description: Two compete to simultaneously protect their own shield whilst trying to destroy the other team’s shield.
7 players per side.
Description: Competing forces from each faction fight against each other in a series of battles.
20 players per side.
Bat and Trap
Description: A combat free bat and ball game suitable for everyone to take part it in.
8 people on a side.
Two Tribes
Description: Two teams go head to head to score points within the safety of the Tesseract.
10 People on a side