Foreign Detail Missive: The Gathering of Nations 1118

– From the Lord Ambassador of Albion

Subjects of the Albion Throne, I write to keep you informed of events taking place outside our borders, and across Erdreja.


In my previous Missive, I detailed that there were to be ten targets of war, chosen by each side. In between the Second Moot and Gathering of Nations 1118, this was negotiated down to four targets.  The Ambassadorial Office is still seeking to ascertain how these names were agreed and will advise in due course.

Peace with the Unicorns of Mauritanja

Terms of peace have been reached with the Unicorns faction, following an immediate and violent start to the war at the Gathering of Nations.

The Friday Night of the Gathering of Nations saw a bloody start to the War with the Unicorns Faction.  I am sad to say that Artemis was slain, at the hands of the Unicorns and their allies, following an assault that took place within the Guild tents, at the Market Place. This was a breach of the Gathering Charter, as this assault took place within the Guild Tents, which is Guild Land. This matter has been addressed by the Militia Guild, with the Unicorns being fined a 25% levy on all guild transactions, which is to be reviewed at the next Gathering of Nations.

The Harts camp was also attached by the Unicorns, along with their allies the Vipers and the Tarantulas. Whilst this attack was repelled, there were several incidents that breached the terms of war.

On the Saturday of the Gathering of Nations, at the eighteenth hour, Diplomats of the Harts and Unicorns met to agree terms to end the war.  The terms agreed were as follows:

  • The Harts acknowledged that there was no “Non-aggression Pact” or agreement between the Unicorns and Æthelwald, enemy of Albion.  The Unicorns agreed to never help Æthelwald and that they would assist Albion in the fight against him.
  • A clean slate was agreed between the two Factions, and any violence or aspersions cast would be left in the past.  This is to allow the two nations to begin relations anew with no taint of the war.
  • The Harts agreed to assist with the Honour Battle, which is to take place between the Lions and Unicorns in 1119.
  • The Leaders of both Albion and Mauritanja met and shared communion, as a symbol of peace between the two nations.
  • Allies of both warring nations were informed immediately that the conflict was over, to ensure that no violence would continue.


Clashing Mountains

The Harts of Albion, at the request of the Unicorns, travelled to the Clashing Mountains, which lies between the lands of Irisia and Telluria. There, the people of the Heartlands and Southlands put aside their factional and family allegiances to fight in the war for the Chaos Throne.  Victory was had by Golgamoth and his forces and the true impact of this outcome is only now slowly becoming apparent.

The People of the Harts also took the field to support the Unicorns, who had lost their Ancestor Bedlam, to Irisia, who had offered her a place in their lands, following her mistreatment in Mauritanja.  The people of the Heartlands and Southlands were victorious in this fight and Bedlam has been returned to Mauritanja once more.

War with Arcadia

Arcadia has declared war with the Heartlands and Southlands. The Ambassadorial Office is currently seeking further information, following the announcement on the front page of the Testament newspaper on the Monday of the Gathering of Nations. It is understood that this is a resulting factor of the war for the Chaos throne and its resulting impact upon the Seelie and Unseelie Fae, which has sent Arcadia into turmoil.

Trade with Telluria

The Guilds of Telluria have approached the Harts of Albion seeking opportunities for trade between our nations.  Trade, has been agreed as a principle, but the finer details are to be further defined. The office of the Lord Ambassador invites the Subjects of the Throne to come forward with any suggestions or requests for trade.  In addition, we are also seeking an Ambassador for Foreign Trade, to act as the go between in this matter and other official trade between nations. If you are interested in this role, please seek out the Lord Ambassador at court, or submit your application to Lord Bathroy, Bathroy Manor, City of York, Duchy of York, Albion.


…End of Missive…

Lucan Torres Bathroy, Lord Ambassador of Albion, Cup Bearer to His Royal Majesty Arthurus Magnus, Dean of Bathroy Academy for the Gentry, and Mayor of High Gate.