Foreign Detail Missive: The First Moot 1118

Foreign Detail Missive: The First Moot 1118

– From the Office of the Lord Ambassador of Albion

Subjects of the Albion Throne, I write to keep you abreast of events taking place outside our borders, and across Erdreja.

Lions under Siege:

It has been brought to the attention of the Ambassadors Office that our Friends and Allies, The Lions of Lantia, were besieged by the Guilds on the Saturday Night of The Year’s First Moot.  This is as a result of a series of incidents, between the Lions Faction and the Guilds, that require further clarification and Verification. This incident was raised officially by Queen Elsbeth, to the Lord Protector Brother Ross Pendragon, and unofficially, through various channels.  The Bears of Caladonia also sent Stella McMead to speak with the Harts Court, to relay their dissatisfaction with the heavy handedness of the Guilds. As allies to the Lions, the Harts Ambassadorial Office has issued a formal letter to the Guilds, requesting a report on what happened during the assault on the Lions, why this occurred, and what this assault means for the other nations of the Heartlands and Southlands.

Aid to the Jackals of the Southlands

The Court of Albion attended the First Moot of 1118 at the request of the Jackals. Following a series of Skirmishes in aid of our Friends and Allies, over the course of the weekend, the Court returned to Albion, by request of the Lord Protector, to attend matters arising there.

Vipers Naval Fleet:

The Ambasadorial Office has treated with General Cornelius of the Viper Nation, on behalf of Admiralissimo Obed, who has requested additional aid to rebuild the two fleets and the floating city, which were destroyed by the ensuing tidal wave from the raising of Londinium. They requested shipbuilders, ships and wood from Albion, to aid in this endeavour. This request was relayed to Jasper Orlaine, via the Ambassadors Office, who agreed to further discuss the matter with the Admiralissimo.

Invitation to the Great Edrejan Fayer

At the request of the Lord Protector, The Office of the Lord Ambassador responded to a formal invitation to the Nation, inviting Albion and her Subjects to attend the games for Emperor Briar’s coming of age. The letter was delivered to the High Diplomat of the Gryphons.

Gryphons Peace Accord:

The Gryphon have requested the opportunity to treat with Albion, to discuss the possibility of a formal alliance between our Nations. Albion has yet to formally respond to this request.


…End of Missive…

His Grace Lucan Torres Bathroy, Lord Ambassador of Albion and Dean of Bathroy Academy for the Gentry