Foreign Detail Missive: Great Erdrejan Fayre 1118

– From the Office of the Lord Ambassador of Albion

Subjects of the Albion Throne, I write to keep you abreast of events taking place outside our borders, and across Erdreja.

Factional Relations with the Guilds:

Following the attack on the Lions Faction, by the Guilds, it was agreed that the 10 Nations of the Heartlands and Southlands should meet to discuss further how the Nation States wished to respond to Guilds. It was agreed between the nations that a further meeting was required, with the Guilds, to seek clarification on the plethora of issues raised. Albion sought to clarify; how the Guilds wished to be treat (In service to the Nations of the Heartlands and Southlands or as a Nation State in their own right); How they would respond to Nations going forward, should they feel they had been wronged.

At the resulting meeting, the Guilds confirmed they were making efforts to renew relations with the Lions.  Further to this, they conceded they had broken Article Seven of the Gathering Charter, which requires signatories to seek nonviolent reparations, prior to violent action. Further to this, they clarified that the individual Guilds served the Nations of the Heartlands and Southlands, in accordance with Article Three of the Gathering Charter. However, the Overarching Guilds; namely the Power Guild, Knowledge Guild and Martial Guilds, serve Erdreja, due to their greater place amongst the guild of other Nation States of the Egg.

Issues that were left for resolution surrounded The Casino’s position as a Guild member, which provides the Guilds with 11 members to the Gathering Charter, superior to that of the 10 held by the Factional signatories.  The Guilds stated this had been signed off by each Faction. Each Faction has requested to see this addendum to the Gathering Charter, to verify its validity.

Saradoc and the Martial Guilds:

It has come to our understanding that the Martial Guilds, Namely the Militia, Scouts, Armourers and Archers Guilds were set upon by forces at the Fayer, led by Saradoc.  Saradoc claimed that his family had been slain by Martial Guild forces, indiscriminately and as collateral damage. Those who followed him are believed to have been unified by their shared griefs. Within his forces were also Daemons and Unliving.  Their origin is currently unknown to the Ambassadorial Office. The Harts Court, following the Crowning of our King, His Majesty Wyndrake Arthur Magnus Pendragon, were requested to return to Albion, to begin mending relations with the Subjects of the Throne.  However, we understand that Saradoc was defeated, along with his Forces.

Finding of the Heir to the Pendragon Throne:

The Lions of Lantia have once again proven themselves firm Allies of the Albion Throne. In our hour of need, the Lions dispatched a delegation to the Harts Camp, and with them they carried the shield of King Arthur Pendragon.  The Shield was used in the rite to find the True Heir to the Albion Throne. The Royal Court of Albion has formally tanked the Lions for their continued support of our nation and the part they have played in the crowning of our newly crowned King.

Britannic Games

The Albion Court has formally met with the Bears of Caledonia and the Dragons of Cymria and Erin, to draw our great nations together once more, under Britannia. In light of this joint aim, it has been agreed that, at the Gathering of Nations, the subjects and peoples of these great nations shall come together to partake in the Britannic Games.  This event will see the three Nations share their cultures and values, to build a better understanding between us and to strengthen the Isle of Britannia once more. All Albion Subjects are invited and urged to support this celebration. Further Details to Follow.

Peace Accord Negotiations with the Gryphons:

Following a series of petitions from the Gryphons Court and the Lord Gryphon himself, The Office of the Lord Ambassador has finally agreed to enter into the negotiation of a Peace Accord.

Aid to Tarantulas:

At the First Moot of 1118 the Tarantulas of the Underdark requested aid from Albion.  This request came following a series of tremors underground, threatening the homeland of the Tarantulas.  Albion has now formally agreed to aid the Tarantulas.

Gryphons Cheesecake Party:

Once Again the Harts of Albion were invited to join the Gryphons in their Annual Cheesecake Party.  Many attended the affair and an enjoyable time was had by all. The Albion Court has formally thanked the Gryphons for their continued Hospitality.

King Wyndrake Arthur Magnus Pendragon:

Following the Rite to bring forward the Heir to the Throne of Arthur Pendragon, Duke Wyndrake Winterheart, now His Majesty King Wyndrake Arthur Magnus Pendragon,  has been crowned High King of Albion. The Office of the Lord Ambassador has sent Salutations to our Friends and Allies of the Heartlands and Southlands to inform them of this joyous occasion and to thank those who came to wish our High King well.  The News was also announced to Edreja in the Testament Newspaper.

Aid to the Tellurians:

The Harts have agreed to lend none military aid to the Tellurians in their impending war with the Irisians.

The Almost War:

The Unicorns and Lions came close to War at the Fayer, following the unsanctioned actions of a small group within the Unicorns Nation.  The process of declaring war, which can only be raised through the Militia Guild according to the Gathering Charter, was called short following an exchange between two Unicorn Groups.  The Office of the Lord Ambassador is seeking further clarification on the events that took pace and what this may mean for the future.

…End of Missive…

His Grace Lucan Torres Bathroy, Lord Ambassador of Albion, Cup Bearer to His Majesty King Wyndrake Arthur Magnus Pendragon, and Dean of Bathroy Academy for the Gentry