Filed by Sir Geoffrey, Rebecca’s report on current events, particularly concerning Trell.

I have suggested to Phoenix diMaggio that he contact Aisla about joining in here, apart from being nominal leader of the Karlennans since Benedict’s tragic demise, he also has good brains and ideas – and he’s cute – oops, sorry dear. Not certain I like l’Ume’s inference about my mentality. Just like the beastmen, I do not take kindly to being patted on the head – as a number of arrogant males have discovered over the years.

Information? Well, having captured two Caliban at the Soldier’s Rest and discovered that they are controlled by six unliving patterns and so are damned expensive to either control or dismiss, I have been making arrangements to capture another few with a view to attempting to return them to life. Natalia von Stahlberg, a sea captain from New Helvetia has offered to take her ship to the seaward side and keep Sycorax’s attention diverted from the landward side while a small party attempt to enter the marsh and capture a couple of Caliban.

It is then intended to chain them up, dismiss the unliving pattern from each location while an Incanter casts Sanctuary, and then to heal the living body back to health. If this works it is possible that the poor thing may remember how it was made, or something else equally useful. In addition, Lucianna of the Company of the Black Boar has offered to perform a scrying ritual using a lock of Sycorax’s hair, which co-incidentally, Glycell has should plan ‘a’ not work. Glycell has also offered to attempt to discover if the ritual circle there is still accessible even though it is under water.

It might be possible to transport a small group there if they can either hold their breath or have some sort of air filled bowl over their heads.