Fallen Heroes

Wilfull Murder of the Crystal Court.
A loyal servant of the Pendragon Throne, who threw himself into peril at every opportunity to protect his fellow Albiones.
He fell in battle, defeating the nightmares that have stalked the realm and harmed the people.
He had red on him.

Mistress Jean Culpeper of the Brighthelmstane Academy
A very proper woman with a core of steel, and a penchant for gin and hats.
She upheld the ways of good manners and grammar, and taught us all a thing or two about etiquette.
She fell in battle.

Darkon Daykin of the Crows of Albion
He had an unhealthy interest in unnatural surgery, and fabulous taste in jackets.
Ever visible on the field as he went to and fro about his business in his bright white gloves.
He may not actually be dead, he could be, as Captain Flare put it, probably taking a sh…ort break.