Fallen Hero

A celebration of the life of the Renowned Antonio Da Fuera
Antonio was a man who wasn’t afraid of adventure. That much must be said of a person who is ready to leave the confines of his island, the Isola de Benavente, to go and explore a world that hadn’t existed for him until a few years ago. And truly, the entirety of Erdreja had been unavailable to him until a few years ago where the illusion that had shrouded the island since the Cataclysm of Water dropped… allowing the Isola’s residents to venture beyond their shores.
Antonio had been the first to embrace this opportunity, and he continued to accept new ventures as they came his way. He went on to join the Crows of Albion in Ustica, and thus would make Albion his second home. He lived a full life, and sought to constantly bring the information he learned back to his people on the Isola. He taught them about how currency now worked, of the creatures of Erdreja and even of the history of their patron ancestor. Additionally he rose in the ranks, eventually being put in charge of the Crows of Albion and was known as Verbrandt’s longest surviving Theology pupil.
We can learn many things from Antonio. Do not fear new opportunities, for you never know where they will lead you. Follow your faith, and it shall reward you. Be loyal, to your land and your people. These are the very reasons that made Antonio renowned.
May his pattern be resting peacefully with his ancestor.