Fae gossip!

Rumours abound about the infamous group of
fae, the Crew. This collection of salty
undesirables, easily spotted from afar as a ‘fleet’
of tricorns, has wished several facts to be known,
Firstly, that Commodore ‘Barry’ Baramura may in

fact be Seelie rather than Unseelie as he claims-
this suspicion raised by some of his underlings

due to his lack of violent action and extreme
excess of diplomacy.

Second, that the scruffily bearded sot-around-
town and supposed ‘Lord Captain’ Jarken,

Baramura’s inferior (though you would think it
the other way around) has somehow been
accepted into the Knights of the Accord, and is to
be knighted. The question is, does this make him
an Accordian? And will this mean he makes even
/more/ annoying noises?
These are obviously matters of great import to
the Crew, and of sod all interest to anyone else.
But we have space to fill and deadlines to meet.