Excerpt – The Nyse and Accurate Prophecies of Megaine of Little Salkeld

The dragon’s daughter who raven-maned and artful shall claim her brother’s dream,

But the siege shall be perilous for all and her and the good shall smite it down.

White-maned lion shall take the sword and hold it for the boy who cannot lift it yet,

And rampant he shall be till a gold band ensnares him and he shall be happily led away.

The hunter who old queen loved and left returned once more,

Shall stand but fall by the will of the sleeping green whose slumber shall not last.

When the green wakes and walks and wars and the land is sundered and cleaved,

The embers of spirit shall flare and the three shall make known their vessel.

In the east the waters shall reign claiming for the storm that which is not his,

In the west the land shall be covered by relentless march of beast and wood.

The land shall be struck and wounded and she shall feel it all more than any may know,

And the striking shall claim the young boy and the younger boy shall grow old too soon.

The box will be stuck though they shall try to stop the opening they shall make no progress,

Through the breach the ruin steps forth but the dragon with Kingsword stands waiting.

Into the shadows ruin shall flee and his hand unseen shall work its craft at leisure,

And those with the mark on their chest shall seek but not see the ruin beside them.

Where the dead at night live shall see good strike the wall and fail to fulfill its own purpose,

For it once was a fiend and the mind has been altered and its path shall alter to hell.

She, the land, shall call the banners and lay the table with quest to seek what must be,

To seek and find the dragon, to ensnare them and hold in chains of golden glory.

The stones are sought but shall not meet in the way desired by the marching woods,

Not till the rise of the isle shall the ruby break the chain and stay his powers for good.

The circle shall move and in its wake shall be nothing as it floats on a cloud of sin,

Where the court of love was seated shall her children flee under the mountains.

At the church in the wood where the many shall meet shall see the circle empowered,

And the blight shall lift but the cost shall be pain and tears from the many that are.

When Albion is brought low, and struck down by her own Consort,

Then the green and the pleasant shall weep, for their mother gone now to the trees,

In the dragon’s old halls where his father lies near and the table is laid for the art,

A part of him shall be claimed by the one who claims to be better than all others.

And the one who steps forward shall know his duty and will not wear the velvet glove,

He shall wish to fulfill the dream that once was and his methods shall meet with force.

The many eyes and hands shall seek and pore in dusty chambers and lightless halls,

For a breadcrumb to light their way, but blindly fumble for time and time they shall.

For the time of the golden noose shall come but not until the rising of the low in arms,

Lamenting their mother gone to the woods, they shall blame him and those on high.

The Tower shall quiver and quake as the old king’s servile enemy opens his eyes,

Released by the silver hand, the pale hand shall shake the hand of jade, pact sealed.

Jade and Pale shall hold the dragon and kraken in lies and destruction,

And when the dragon falls into death, the Tower’s plans shall at once bear fruit.

On the horns of the assembled shall the Isles by New Troy be gored,

As the daughters of the hunt fall to the wayside, but as they die, hope shall live.

Her greatest servant shall take arms against his own in cold and anguish,

And shall fall on his blade to the cries but the tears shall not wash the blood from him.

Come the tides of chaos and the ruin shall walk in its wake,

But the call shall not be answered as the protector holds to court on guard.

When the three are made clear of the one who thought himself greatest,

By the circled walked with the blood of the knight, then shall the time come.

From the aeons shall be found the chains of golden glory,

Then shall the masses behold the sign that soon shall come the dragon.

The mage shall stand as all are brought together to the call of Arthur’s words,

But the dragon shall falter without his heart, so the waters shall sustain her.

When Arthur’s voice is heard once more and his will is brought together,

Then shall the lady walk from the lake, once more to fulfill her purpose.

When the four corners are brought together through the old lines and circles,

And the voices of the many call out to the one, the land shall shudder at his coming.

Resisting shall the dragon be called, against his will, and he shall weep,

For when the call is answered, then shall he know all that must be done.

Albion’s story shall come once more, as it always has, and it always shall,

But thence shall come the challenge – for must the story end in the way we know?