Excerpt – The Blood of Kings by Doctor Nicholas Weatherwax

In the library there is a ponderous tome written in several volumes on the topic of the royal bloodline of Arthur’s House – though clearly some scholars attempt to curry favour with the monarch of the time, as there are lengthy passages describing the blood of kings to bestow grace and wisdom on those whose veins it flows in, there are some passages which stand out as, in our opinion, not compete guff. The Blood of Kings by Doctor Nicholas Weatherwax:

And at court in this time were many reports and rumours abound that the King’s sister had, in travels, lain with Lot, a Lord of Skald Island, of the Clan MacCormack, and a fae.

A great one and learn’d in the arts of ritual magic, Lot was, so rumours tell, seduced by the King’s sister, for she did desire that he teach her his art and his secrets.

For he was a Picta, that is a Fae, and well learn’d in earth magics, she sought his powers in this as in the art of the circle, and with her wiles she did claim her prize.

With child she soon became by Lot of Skald in Orkneyjar, and in the Nine Spears circle, near Tallstones, did she give birth to twin sons, in the hope that their birth in the circle would grant them skill in the art.

Morgaine who was known as Morgana also first had her son Calimos and the second Morgannia, though neither child did have much art for the circle or the arcane though they being circle-born did affect their pattern and awaken them as fae, like unto their father Lot. The twin sons did remain with Lot when the King’s sister travelled south to her brother’s court.

Though not one child, male or elsewise, was begat from the marriage of the King unto Gwenhyvar, which in time proved right fortuitous for the great betrayal of [BURNT PATCH] who had been the Queen’s Great Champion, and Queen Gwenhyvar herself, for any such child borne from her would have been suspect and rumoured falseborn by a King made cuckold by a faithless Queen.

And an noble lady of Albion was sought for to make a right and worthy match for the King, who was without wife at this time after the annulment and banishment of Gwenhyvar who became called the Lost Queen and the faithless [BURNT PATCH] who was no longer called knight nor Champion.

Thus his decision was made and the King bade such and called to him his advisor and sage who was called Merlyn and also his sister Morgaine who was also great and skilled in the art of magics. And he bid them go forth and perform for him a great and powerful ritual to burn the very name [BURNT PATCH] who had been his knight and brother in arms from any and all places it was writ that his deeds and legends should be purged in flame. For this was his punishment for his betrayal – an great knight who had always looked to his own legend – his legend would end and his name would die and his deeds would fade from memory.

And in doing so much magic was brought together in the great circle and Merlyn and Morgaine did toil for days and nights to prepare for the great work. Such magic and use thereof carries with it dangers and from the performing of this arcane ritual did Morgaine become impregnated with child through such concentration of magic, and was born to her Mordred, which was taken as ill-fated and doom-laden by Merlyn that Morgaine should be used as vessel for such magics to gestate.

And from the Throne did the King speak, that the his nephew Mordred should no longer be his true and right heir, for his war of usurpation had wounded and sundered the land.

He spoke that Albion’s strength did come from its unity, and that Mordred and his mother Morgana had conspired to bring chaos and discord to the realm, bringing great hurt to the land, the people, and the spirit.

From the Throne did the King decree that the blood of Morgana, rightwise born or ill-begat, should henceforth and forevermore be ineligible to rule as monarch of Albion, and so did Arthur I disinherit Mordred and any of Morgana’s bloodline from ever ascending to the Throne.

So on the line did pass in Arthur who was the Second of that Name, son, rightborn, of the King. and the good and faithful Queen Elaine.