Excerpt – The Art of Diplomancy by Addemar Fitzhoward

Though initially passed by in our initial search, this book was brought to our attention by a librarian, owing to the section within which focuses on Marital Alliances with Other Nations as a tool for diplomacy, giving examples of ages past – The Art of Diplomancy by Addemar Fitzhoward –

“For peace reigned in Albion, and the Northern marches were held secure by those of the House Karlennon and their ilk, and the Western marches were held safe by those of the House Hunter and their ilk, and all good men of soldiering age and determination did grow restless.

In Wisdom the King, knowing well the histories of his own line, did spend much time in contemplation as to how best employ the fervour of the youth of Albion, for he knew that in days past, under the reign of his namesake Arthur I, not all was well in Albion.

Albion being settled and secure under Arthur’s wise rule and the stewardship of its constituent parts by the loyal knights of the Round Table, did cause issue over time – for so peaceful and perfect was Albion, that men and ladies alike grew restless, and made rumour and war against one another.

For such dangers there are when there is no peril nor occupation for the great and good, that they turn their powers and ire within, and by doing so, carve out their own heart. Thus Arthur IV bade the flowers of chivalry of his own realm seek adventure and glory in other lands, where wrongs existed to be righted, and legends awaited to be made.

And thus did the great departure begin as knights rode hither and thither across the Heartlands, bringing their services to foreign lords, and so it was that Arthur IV’s friendship with other crowned heads did flourish, for this diaspora did encourage trade and travel and great tours of state, and Albion’s flourishment did see it hold great banquets and meetings of lords and kings of all nations.

At this time across the land of Teutonia there was faced a similar problem – a wise king having placated the land and the people, saw the spirit begin to dwindle – but seeking to solve this problem less with velvet glove and more with iron fist, war was made between the king and his own princes across the land. Skirmishes hither and thither were spread, and it was to this land that the flower of Albione chivalry did flock.

The knights of Arthur IV did stand together in expeditious force and aid the King of Teutonia who had sworn in friendship to do the same for Arthur IV, and thus the need for battle and glory was satisfied.

In time the peace reigned once more, but in wisdom Arthur IV sought to assist his friend in lasting peace, and in order to craft such a new peace with the warring principalities of Teutonia, Arthur IV did see fit to marry his daughter into the House of Saxe-Coburg, which had been chief amongst the rebels, and the King of Teutonia did take the children of Saxe-Coburg to foster, and the peace was maintained.”

Further in the passage there is a reference to the marriage of a Pendragon Princeling into a Noble House in Estragales under the reign of Queen Beatrice, though there are few details about this.