Excerpt – Historia Regum Britanniae by Sir Taliesin Mallory

On Uther, Warlord and Dread Prince, King of All Albion, who was Pendragon, and Lord of all from the Fells to the Land’s End.

“A Knight of the Empire in the days of his youth, he saw what had been once – the order and the peace – and sought to once more with sword and shield bring this to be – for he knew it to be the right and good way for all. Uther’s banners rose and the call of his men did follow, that all who held the land dear should join with him – and the green and pleasant land did echo with the call of One Land, One King – and the trees did shake with the march of his host.

For like the dragon did Uther’s forces sweep across the land and bring them all before him and foremost amongst them was Uther himself who was chief among dragons and together either by silver-tongue or by steely-blade and he was like unto the dragon in his power and his ferocity for none did fight so hard as Uther himself nor with such success.

His enemies did melt afore him like the tallow from the flame and it did seem that none could stand in his way. For the blood of the Empire and of the Old Kings of the North was in the veins of Uther, and in his kingly bearing and knightly valour did many see a rightwise good prospect for the land, and the petty kings and lords of the heptarchy who would not bend the knee of the own free will did fast bend the knee when Uther’s fury did descend upon their lands.

And so it was that Albion was brought together as one land, with Uther the Warlord of all, save for the final part and his greatest foe who stood against him in the lands of the southernmost reaches of the green and pleasant land that was Albion.

For in Cornwallum did Gorlois of that House of Garrulus rule as their Dux Bellorum and was well skilled in that art. Here did Uther face his greatest test for the Cornish forces did hold his armies back time and time again, until a line of stalemate was drawn across the map of Albion, and at this time did Uther look to his great advisor, Merlyn, who was a mage of great art, to call upon the magics to ensure victory for Uther.”