Etiquette – Jugga Drinking Game

The rules of this game generally only extend to members of the Club and those people recognized as guests by the Chairman and presented to all club members present All members of the Club are expected to be playing this game at all times with no warning

Albion Jugga Club

Winter 1108
The Blade Rule

A blade should always have his right hand free

Anyone caught drinking with their right hand the club must shout BLADE loudly

And that person must do a 4 finger forfeit

The Block Rule

Blocks are always about safety

Anyone who puts a drink within a finger’s length of a table edge –

the table should shout BLOCK loudly

And that person must do a 4 finger forfeit

The Stick Rule

Sticks are there to take out opponents but must be careful not to hit people on their own side.

If anyone spills their own drink or a drink of another player – members of the club should shout STICK.

And that person must do a 4 finger forfeit

The Quick Rule

A quick is a the only person who can hold the ball

If you are the last person on a table with a drink (so long as you have started it) the people at the table should shout QUICK
You should at this point finish your drink

The Offside Rule

It is important not to be offside

If two members of the club are queueing up at the bar and they are served in the wrong order without deferring – the person who should

have been served may shout OFFSIDE – and the queue jumper is honour bound to buy their round as well.

Note: 4 finger forfeit’s are an ale standard. This equates to 2 fingers of wine or a finger of spirits.
Esmund Walker of the Vipers Faction