Drow Antics 1095 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
Black Kites
Mormegil of the Black Kites was third at the Mr Underdark Competition 1095 AF. Most of his Black Kites invaded the lands to the South of their island stronghold of Sarnia. Lord Lynx led them. He last year, twice struck Corvus down with poisoned crossbow bolts in the Battle as punishments for his affronts to his Matron Mother.
On Saturday afternoon, Mormegil delivered a letter from his Matron Mother to Corvus. Accompanied by another Black Kite, he walked past the Lions camp guards unchallenged. His companion chastised them for their laxity. Mormegil tried to calm him down but that just made him more vehement. Walling the Command Tent was 15 to 20 Lions. Mormegil just resisted in saying, “It is nice to see you keeping your faction involved. I can see them all here.” The tired grey hair old man who was barely recognisable as Corvus instructed the letter brought to him. Almost everybody within the tent handled it before it got to him. They heard the satisfying sound of annoyance just after they left.
That night, a Black Kite fired a luminescent arrow carrying a message into the Naxos D’Fey camp. Both of the guards were looking the other direction. Even when the intrepid archer tried to make them aware of it they said it had always been there. Mormegil used the excuse of looking for his Black Kites Tag to search for the arrow but could not find the it. The next night they repeated the procedure, this time having to shoot one of the guards to get their attention.
Naxos D’Fey of the Tarantulas

Lady Irizaphrys Naxos D’Fey, the High Incantor of the Tarantulas, refused to work with Arch Matriarch Denuvial and assist in halting the progress of the Elven Plague. This incensed the elves.
Vindryss Naxos D’Fey reportedly traded her soul to an evil force more powerful than Lord Satûn. Schadel stated that she was not Unliving at the Open Council of 1095 AF.
The Skaven from the Vipers set up camp by the lake behind House Naxos D’Fey within the area set aside for the Tarantulas. They would not move. Vindryss only accepted this under mediation from the host of the Gathering.
Late on Saturday night, the split between House Gereshen and Naxos D’Fey were final. Zommorrod A’Tesh on the pretext of leaving the Tarantulas lured a High Priestess of Gereshen and her bodyguard to their camp. They handed her over to Naxos D’Fey who summarily executed her. Zommorod D’Fey disposed of the bodyguard.
Interview with Rellik

Mormegil of the Black Kites arranged the meeting between Sir Huw de Grognard and Rellik on Sunday afternoon. This was interesting and entertaining for Sir Huw at least. The discussion of philosophy made him so at home. The battle of wills finished after just half an hour. Rellik had sadly misjudged his opponent. Later he admitted defeat to Mormegil.