Dragons Parliament of 1096 AF

Sir Huw de Grognard
I arrived after a very tortuous journey from the Greenwood. Due to the short notice that my attendance was required, I was unable to collect my court clothes. The Greenwood still holds much for me to admire. The hospitality of the Beastmen and the Lios Alfar was most gratifying.

Lord Arcane addressed finally after much delay [four hours] the Council of the Dragons. The hall took much time to quieten the interested multitude, “Noble Dragons, friends, honoured guests and allies. Welcome to Gorsenwydd. I call upon my fellow Lord General from across the Erin Sea to Speak.”


Lord Ash with a clipped voice said, “Let us get on with business. Talk of things past. Won and lost. Ah yes, the Sword of Alliance was taken by the Harts upon the field of battle. People still weep for Lord Fig, Lord Pleb, Baron Lachlan and even Faeces. The work upon the burial mounds [long barrows]. Everything that they were and are will always be with us. Now Locutus, let us hear a story.”


“Sword and Stone were to punch a hole in the enemies shield wall but it is irrelevant now as NEXT time WE WILL CRUSH THEM. The Harts have by great treachery the Sword that should be ours. The Sword of Alliance. We will go to war if it is necessary.”


Lord Arcane stated, “I give this ultimatum to the Harts. The Sword of Alliance MUST be returned by the Spring [Dragons] Parliament [on the last day of February 1097 AF]. Otherwise a state of war will exist between the Harts and the Dragons.” The Chancellor commented, “We fought with them [the Harts] last year to rid them of great evil [Corvus and the Unliving] and now we will fight against them. They hold the Sword of Alliance.”


Lady Ailish, Connall and Sir Huw de Grognard stood as one in their pleas that were so eloquently put by the Lady Ailish, “Talk to the person that has the sword and not threaten him. Lord Calin is the Warleader of the Harts.” My response was “Lord Arcane, you issue the ultimatum without going in a civil manner for the sword. Where is the letter or the deputation to talk to my Lord General Calin as he has the Sword not Lady Tarragon that I have asked you to send. You have done none of these. My Lord Calin is a reasonable Elf.”


In a resigned manner, Lord Ash said, “We have gone to war to free the people from tyranny and now ….. for a sword.” Lord Arcane still stood to his shifting sands and said, “The Ultimatum stands and it is up to the Harts to give the Sword back.” After much conversation and good council from Lord Ash and Drinnin among others, Lord Arcane announced, “I charge you, Locutus and Drinin to go to the Harts and demand the sword’s return.”


I said in a worried voice, “Lord Arcane, as you are aware Lord General Calin is a High Elf and it may be impolitic to have a Drow leading the delegation.” Lord Arcane lost did not understand. The reasoning was not lost with Drinnin. Lady Ailish with her great experience expressed, “The neutral ground will have to be chosen with great care.”


The Chancellor spoke, “I have after much work been able to put the affairs in order after the demise of Marit Stormcrow. I am surprised that a dead man can cause so much trouble to the living. We [the Dragons] are broke. Not a silver to our names again. There will be a new taxing policy that will affect about twenty persons that hold the rank of Baron and above. All baronies will be taxed at 1 gold. This will fall due before the Gathering and another to be collected during. Those Baronies that default in payment will come under the control of the Chancery. These maybe harsh but harsh times require it. Monroe as you know well will collect these by what means he sees fit.”


Lord Arcane said, “Drinnin will take on the responsibility of Ambassador. There are no official ambassadors until they are elected at the Spring Parliament. Lord Fig will be named as the Sacred Ancestor.” From the hall came shouts of, “The Incantors should make the decision. Gwion should be here.” Lord Ash said of his dear friend, “Remember Fig and he will keep faith with you. There is a precious drink here for you Fig. Certainly there will be enough for us all now.”


Lord Arcane continued, “The structure of the Dragon Scouts has changed. Lady Altriana of Cymrija will lead them and any information to her. Crow and Lady Fia are her seconds.”

Lord Arcane stated, “Owain Caradog is no longer part of the command. He is no more the Grand Marshal of Cymrija. Our trust is with Locutus. I call Lord Ash to speak more upon this.” Lord Ash rose to his full height and said, “We have thought long and hard. You [Locutus] are an awkward bastard, blunt, loud, tall and to cope with this we have chosen the Skirt wearing Kethrin as his second. He is created the Grand Marshal of the Dragons. Between them will fall the responsibility to muster the armies. To assist then are one Field Marshal and 4 Generals.”

Locutus said in his blunt manner, “Shield [Slieve Galleon] should be discussed now before I call upon my generals. I have heard many rumours and none of them is here. Does that seem odd.” Lady Katrina replied “They [Slieve Galleon] have always been honourable. They are the best guards. Why do you want to say bad words about them? What would we do without them? Should you not be concerned with their welfare? You can count upon them can you not?”
Lord Arcane said, “Leaving that aside, Slieve would like to give up being Court Guards. “Lady Katrina du Venoir replied, “Yes but that should not mean they are not loyal Dragons. So why do you condemn them Lord Arcane. It is only in the matter of Guarding that they wish to relinquish. “Lord Arcane in his clumsy way stated, “You Locutus will not go and see them. I summon Slieve Galleon to the Spring Parliament otherwise they WILL NOT BE DEEMED to be Dragons.” This caused much derision within the hall.


After much coaxing from the Lord Generals, Locutus and Kethrin made their deliberate choice. “The Four generals are Eomar of the Morghuns, Monroe, Random and my [Locutus’] son Cabal. For the Field Marshal, let me think upon this.”


Lord Ash, after the Hall was silenced, said, “The Court requires voices and opinions that are trusted and held in high regard. Elder States-person is the highest regard. This gives them the right to come and go as they will. It carries rank and much honour. They have no responsibility but authority of their experience. The persons that are hereby called upon for these posts are Lady Katrina du Venoir, Silkin ap Palarran and Owain Caradog (for his unfailing loins)..” Lady Katrina stated that she was a Dragon and not just a Cymrijan. This was well received.


Lord Arcane then called forward Bodasan Jax and laid the following charges, “You have charges to answer for the evasion of Dragon Justice. You were sentenced to servitude upon ship and banishment from Dragon Lands for 6 months. Why have you chosen to return?” Jax replied, “The reason for my return are personal. Owain [Caradog] raped my dear wife. Clowtus can witness to the bruises and the disarray of my wife who told him, ‘Caradog don’t tell Jax.’ My wife is recovering in Ulster. I wish to bring justice against Owain. Would I have returned for anything else. Where is Caradog to answer my charges?”
Lord Arcane said to Jax, “Do not give him [Sir Huw] your sword as you will not get it back.” Katrina said in Jax’s defence, “He could have snook in and killed him [Caradog] but he chose to come openly to the Council.” Lord Arcane continued, “Your tail is very moving. I give you leave to prepare a case and bring it to the Spring Council. You are not allowed to approach Caradog. I WISH NO ACCIDENTS.” Lord Ash then said, “You [Jax] flouted the law. You have a mountain of luck on your side. Do not think that you will escape what is due to you.”


Drinnin in a low and faltering voice addressed the council, “I have been away a long time. As many are aware that I worship the Dark Maiden, Elistrea rather than Loth…. I went foolishly it now seems to the Matron Mother’s Ball to find converts. I felt a blade from a Paladin of Loth…. I would have died if …. [Sir Huw had not called] …. Caleb and Morgan come to my aid. A Priestess of the hosting House put the Mark of Loth upon my brow as you now see….. I cannot and have found no-one that could remove it. It does not affect me physically. I thank the Morghuns for looking after in the intervening months.”
Lord Arcane rose to his feet to help Drinnin to his seat and then stated, “Morgan Dragonslayer and Caleb, we owe you a debt. If it was not for you my friend would not be here. We state publicly our thanks. We owe you a favour and you may ask this of us in future.” Morgan with great humility accepted this gift on his and his absent friend’s behalf. He presented to Lord Arcane a fine blade in a red Dragon Skin.


Lord Arcane announced a change in the land allocation and tried to reassure the interested parties that it would not influence them greatly.”


He continued, “People of the Dragons, I wish to present my daughter, Iodaen Anharad Willowmain. I wish to wet her head in the usual Dragon Style.” There were shouts from the hall saying “GIVE THE CHILD A DRINK.” Lord Arcane replied by swigging from the bottle.


A Lady clothed in a cloak that once was Jaddvor Erland stepped forward flanked by Ninetides and another. “Jax has placed threats upon the lives of Lions. He claims that Steel offered him a Dukedom but Steel does not have the power. Jaddvor Erland and Steel have retired to unknown place in Avalon.” Jax advanced upon her in a threatening manner and protested his innocence.
Silkin ap Palarran stood and tried to stop the discourse, “He has again shown that he has been committing crimes. Threatened the lives of honoured guests. He was let of punishment.” Drax replied, “Since when has it been a crime for Dragons to threaten Lions. Certainly they are still alive and that is not Jax’s way. He carries through his threats.”
Lord Ash finally lost his temper and stormed, “You seem to be here for the Glorification of Jax. I am sick and tired of seeing you. We will launch an investigation. When are you [Jax] going to learn not to be caught. You seem to flout all that it is to be a decent human being. From the throng of voices came a voice of reason, “Should not the Lions be too busy packing to cause so much trouble.”
At this the Captain of the Ship stood with accusation in his actions, “You Jax are charged and sentenced of the guilt of jumping ship where you were to serve 6 months.” He then drew a Shooting Stick that some have referred to as a Firelock Pistol. With a flash of gunpowder, Jax fell to the floor. The Captain hacked Jax’s head off. I was the first to Jax’s side and considered that he was beyond the grave. A cry came from Lord Arcane, “Do not heal him.” The life less body was dragged to the cells. There by some high magic he was put back together. Later he walked around as if nothing had happened.


Lord Arcane with obvious relief closed the Parliament.



Galan de Lacy of the Alchemist Guild is now some sort of Unliving, possibly a Lich following a failed ritual by the Flames of Abraham to bring him back to life after he went and got himself killed on a linear. Dimitri of the Communist party was also blinded in the attack.

Since Connall’s resignation as acting High Ambassador for the Harts, the cordiality between two good friends has returned once more. He seems to be enjoying like again to the full. Certainly he was well with cheer when I conversed with him in the morning.

It is over two years since I last saw Lady Erika. Her plans for hospitals has become very advanced. At the Council she was able to obtain reassurances of buildings and supplies in a number of lands including Albion. Cymrija, Erin and Teutonia. Her first hospital with the renowned Wine has flourished these years in Estragales.

Thomas Finn asked whether he could accompany me when the Dragon delegation meets Lord Calin to discuss the situation over Sword of Alliance. He could not become involved officially because of Lord Wraith’s indifference on the subject. This was not considered a problem.

Drinnin asked me about the background of the Sword of Alliance that his leadership had neglected to inform him about. I suggested that the meeting should occur in January at the Wolverines Yuletide Gathering. He listened my concern over his stability with the mark of Loth upon him. I pointed out the effect that this had upon Teespoon and the difficulty that was caused in trying to get back her sanity. I relayed advice that came from the Lady of the Web who believed that the Mark of Loth would give some form of control upon the person. This could come in the form of the person who placed it or any Tarantula. He has been given an offer of protection by House Gereshen and House Chreotha if he ventures within the Underdark. I also talked to him of the forthcoming quest where we are to accompany Morgan Dragonslayer for the Sword of the People.

Sir Huw de Grognard, Sheriff of Huntingdon

At the Gathering the Flames of Abraham Kidnapped, Murdered and Conspire against Lady De Lacy. To all charges the Flames of Abraham pleaded not Guilty on all three counts.

will between them pass sentence under Teutonian Law. King Gustav of Teutonia, Lord Viper, Duke of Meissenia, Count of Berlyn King Ash of Erin, Lord General of the Dragons. Lord General Arcane Wilomere, Lord General of the Dragons Morgan Dragonslayer of the Al Arabead who was married to a De Lacy.

would decide the guilt or the innocence on all three counts.
Krysler of the Communist Party, Dragons Wyerd of Clan Nabusk, a Paladin of Danu, Dragons
Dr. Robert Usher of the Morghuns, Dragons.

Spliners of the Ship the Mary Jane, Dragons.Feydra of the Melniboneans, DragonsLando de la Mer, House of Danu, DragonsAndric Telvarin of the VipersPunchbag of the VipersUlric von Beck of the VipersHeather Sparrow, Group of Leoncra, WolvesTic Toc of the Knights of LeonLady Erika from Southern Ruska, No FactionDEFENCE COUNCIL

was Lord Blondell Amarath, Lord Chancellor of the Vipers, Keeper of the Rolls
was Dimitri Lenin of the Communist Party assisted by ? as he had earlier lost his site.

Whilst the Victim was a member of the Viper faction, the incident did not in fact take place on Viper lands as she was taken to Dragon lands first. The Flames Claimed that the Lady Vampire followed the Flames from Viper soil to their camp in the Dragons. It was heavily disputed whether this was coercion or by her own free will. When on Dragon Soil she was allegedly Murdered by the Flames of Abraham. The definition of what is considered murder was also hotly debated between the Defence and Prosecution.

There is still some dispute as to the wording of Teutonic Law and much research will be undertaken in Zurich. The prosecution stated, “That a Citizen of Teutonia is such so long as they obey the law. Sentient Unliving are tolerated so long as they obey the Teutonic laws of the land. Any pre-meditated killing of a sentient being is treated as murder in the eyes of the Law.” This was disputed by the Defence by the definition of “Murder being the wilful act to extinguish life.”

The prosecution allege that the Flames used a special mirror to enthral their her. The defence claim that the mirror did not work upon her. The Flames bought the mirror for 12 Gold at the Dragon Moot of 1096 AF. Its worth and magic qualities were testified to by Sir Huw de Grognard. Lady Lysandra was cross-examined as to its authenticity. She testified that any Vampire that has its gaze would be enthralled. The defence did not demonstrate this to the Court.

The Flames of Abraham claimed that Galan De Lacy asked the flames to rid her of the affliction of being a vampire. He is at present known to be a Lich after an unsuccessful ritual by the Flames of Abraham after he had carelessly got himself killed.

Baron Saturday was cured of being a Vampire recently. He testified as to her good nature. He explained the transference from one body to another.