Down Syracusa Way

An Interview with Raphael Borgia D’Medici
The Queen’s Herald was able to catch the Raphael of the Company of the Blackened Staff for a quick interview
Who are you?
The fact you have to ask says everything about your social standing. No wonder I’ve never heard of you. You’d get nowhere on the Island propositioning people with such curt questions you know. Who I am? I am assuming you would like my name, as the rest of my history is too long and contorted to go into at this point. I am Raphael Borgia D’Medici of Sicilja.
What do you want?
Again with the rather rude questions. If we were back home I’d have you locked away for simply being so impertenant. Seeing as you are the face of the media in Albion, I suppose I’ll dignify you with an answer. Essentially I want experiences. I want to experience everything, for is it not there to be experienced. Is that not why the Ancestors bless us with their presence, for us to experience every facet of joy, pain anguish and pleasure?
Who is your hero?
I am my own hero, for heroes live in the heats of men, and there is only room in my heart (unlike my bed) for one man, and that is myself of course.
What’s your biggest flflffllaw?
Flaw? I have no flaws. I am practically perfect as you should no doubt be able to see.
If invited to a banquet which ffiive people would you invite to your table and why?
If I were invited then would social diktat not be for the host to invite the other guests? It is not my place to invite others to a party to which I have been invited. You Albiones have a lot to learn about etiquette. I may teach you one day if I see fit.
If someone could create a magical item for you what would it be?
I think it would be an item that would allow me to become invisible. Imagine the things you could watch if no-one could see you watching. That would be so much fun. Aren’t we all a little bit of a voyeur really?
What is best in life?
Everything in vast quantities. All the pleasure, all at once.
Tea or cake?
Limoncello of course!