Dolorous Stroke has been struck off

When Dolorous Stroke fled to Haven, we all knew this meant no good thing. His hatred for the Fae race is well-known.

In travelling to the Isle of Haven and making camp, we knew that

Over the course of the weekend, he showed his spiral covered, malicious face a number of times.

It became known to us that he was in possession of our Kingstone, and had bound himself to it.

A plan was discussed to seal him inside the Tesseract, in much the same way that the alleged “Shining One” had been bound there.

In the course of the battle, said “Shining One” was released from the Tesseract – for good or ill, only time will reveal.

The forces of Erdreja clashed with Dolorous’ armies outside the Tesseract, whilst a warband clashed with him inside it.

Eventually he was forced out of the Tesseract, to do battle with us on the field.

The battle was long, and hard fought, with casualties on both sides. Waves upon waves of the forces of chaos crashed upon the shield walls of the righteous and lawful.

The tide of the battle turned in our favour, as we beat back more and more of Dolorous’ forces.

The culmination of the day came when Dolorous was struck with the Darkshard, by the Starcrafts. His pattern was unravelled, and spiralled off into the Void.

Dolorous may be gone, but his chaotic influence remains, and we must all remain vigilant as we further the cause of Albion, and reclaim and rebuild our home.