Court and Social with Depravo

Listen not-not to the lies of man-things who
say love can’t start in a bordello!
I speak-speak, dear readers, of a RomAnTic
taile that precludes such a magnificent
upcoming union! Imagine, Father Joshua,
the illustrious ratualist, weary from fulfilling
the petty requests of his subjects for him to
share with them a fraction of his
overwhelming power! That when he seekseeks
indulgence himself, they flee-flee,
cowering from his intimidating presence!
The idiots!
Rightfully deserving reward, he frequents
my father’s fine fort of frivolity, full of fools,
failing to fulfil his fervor to find a friendly
frenzied frolic! Which leaves your favourite,
fearless, figure of fun; finally the one who
provides his gRATification. Your dutiful ratrat,
recognises that there is also little chitchat
with the Faction of Wolves, a nation
historically renouned to detest the unliving,
that the value of this pairing serves to
proove as one of potential patriotic
Translation: The Tease is proud to announce
the upcoming wedding of Depravo Morgan,
a skaven of the Harts and Father Joshua of
the Council Of Law, in the Wolves. – KM.