Convocation of Guilds 1102

by Dargon Estilan for Hawk and Hernshaw
Greenskins tell us about bad old man chasing and killing them,

People coming out of the water

Bad man hitting a bit of mettle onto a big bit of metal with a hammer this created magical normal rats causing disease, some people mistook them for wererats.

Full moon made people attack were creatures that weren’t being themselves.

Some people got killed walking between the tavern and the main hall by rats

Scanned master waters pattern on Friday, to attempt to find out why he was acting strangely

People came to visit the militia guild but they were out rat catching, they bore a triangular birthmark which had an omega sign added when they came of age, the addition was performed by their wise man who they could not remember not having been there

More rats appeared in the morning with people calling for healers rather than Incanters to cure the disease

During the guild council meeting master fitz warned people not to attack the furry members of his guild as they weren’t themselves during the full moon.

Archers guild arranged a team to go and investigate the creation of rats, when they got to the cave, it had already been collapsed, to stop the resident golem, which was protecting a wall behind which was the forge masters hammer

Skullion has been cleaning out the great library and has had help from satune in the hard to reach places.

The builders of the guildhouse hadn’t been paid and came to complain to the archers guild which had apparently commissioned it.

Austrailian sounding treasure hunters were out and about looking for treasure

Early evening master water arranged an expedition to go and collect the hammer, by going around the other side of the mountain and getting the hammer without disturbing the golem. Master earth Archmage Terwin, and captain dogran were on this expedition, the linear went out on a ship crewed by undead, the hammer was recoved from a cliff face, in a wooden box. Terwin had the box. The hammer was given to the Incanters. When they returned the captian turned on them to attempt to add a few members to his crew.
Exploding mushrooms causing pattern corrupting wounds

Aegyptus ambasidors

Tickets went out for the hunt, seemed a bit pointless and everyone assumed it was some form of trap, it being the COG and all.

Vengrim announced he was going to step down from the incanters guild

Davis turned up with a necklace of the handmaiden of the eye, and restated his intent to leave.

Mages guild lich turned up, gave ring to squeeker for his hole digging skills

Slyvans attacked Saturday night with bone golems

Ghostie things causing terror/fear doing freeze draining life and gaining power getting harder could only be dismissed.

Harts had tea

Kenny died, his heart got eaten.

Sat evening was quiet too quiet

Immortal patterns had a party, satun invited people to clean out his body and claim any reward

Bards Guild wanted to 10 question satun

Sarcophagus in cave altered patterns

Golems after the armorers guild

Ghouls casting strikedown
Searching for kierron O’Rourke found his body and his sword, he had been eaten, we transported his sword to elfs rest and reported his death.

Benidict darkendale got his nacklace removed

His necklace got laid to rest 5 times only 43 more to do, went to Incanters to lay all the rest to rest

The archers guild had a run in with the scouts guild

More armourers golems disrupted the guild council meeting

Forge master turned up, petrified people, people got dragged off by goblins, banshies wailed a bit.

Apparently they all got defeated or driven off and ustica could again be a quite place for the next year.

So we went home.