Concerning Albion Refugees in Mauritanja

And the Unicorn 1115 Spring Campaign

I recently attended the Unicorn spring 1115 campaign to Blood Isle in Mauritanja. While there I assisted the Unicorns in the containment of an ancient and alien vampire known as Charles Telwar.

Although the campaign came at great cost in lives the island is now back under control and the remains of any opposing forces are being cleared by the Mauritanjan people.

Of direct interest to the Harts is the fate of those refugees I last reported on after the Unicorn campaign before Yule 1114. While investigating an ancient vault at El Dorado we encountered Albione people in the area from a refugee camp reporting dire trouble. Many people had gone missing and dismembered bodies had been found around the area.

The leaders of the Unicorn nation provided me with the following information regarding these refugees. Banshees that had been encountered in the area had been preying on these people as they lacked defences against the unliving. Many that went missing had been turned into wraiths to serve the cause of these banshees. During the previous campaign many of the unliving in the area had been dispatched back to the plane of unlife, including several banshees, though I cannot say if we caught them all. I also must sadly report that any who were natives of Albion, before the touch of necromancy transformed them, were not properly laid to rest as we did not know of their previous lives at the time. Following that campaign the refugees were temporarily moved to safe accommodation elsewhere but have now been returned to their camp at El Dorado. Their living conditions have been improved and they are now under the guard of a very effective company known as the Knights of Janua. I encountered some of their army while on Blood Isle and although I can confirm their capabilities I must warn any who wish to speak to them that they are rabidly opposed to any beings that would naturally reside in other planes. The refugees now stay there awaiting the call home.

None of this speaks to the reason why some bodies were found mutilated, as necromancy would have turned any corpses to dust. This issue and the return of our people still requires our attention.

Written on behalf of
Lord Wildfire
Captain of the Company of the Blackened Staff
Lord Arcane of Albion