Concerning a Message from the Summerlands

Heinrich von Alfeld

Ladies and Gentlemen of Albion,
I would like to firstly express my admiration for all those with whom I had the honour to serve whilst in the Summerlands. Odd thought it may sound, it was a genuine pleasure to work with such consummate professionals. To my own “claw”, and I hope I spell these correctly, Tiberias, Owain, Diana, Foxglove, Otto and Valkarn: I must thank you for your bravery, your inventiveness and above all your discipline.
Most will know by now that Taliesin was responsible for the safe return of many of us. I spoke with him at some length before our departure and I accepted his price for our safe transportation – it was, in essence, a small thing. I shall do my best to quote him, retaining intent if not the actual words: “When you return, you will do your best to arrange aid for this world. A military intervention will be necessary but not before the land has been purified. While it remains corrupt, the animate unliving (the skeletons, zombies, and so forth) will continue to be consumed and re-animated by the earth making a military solution unattainable.”
Hopefully, I have not misquoted too inaccurately. I have no skill with the mystic world – this sounds, to me, more a problem for the incantors and the ritualists amongst us – but there you have it. I believe that many were already looking at this problem and the theory that it may be connected to the severing of links between the Summerlands and ancestral realms.
I shall now be returning to Caer Pendrinn for a well-earned rest – I think I’ve seen quite enough of Bristol for the moment.
Heinrich von Alfeld

Baron of Teufelstadt

Knight Commander of the Most Noble Order of Knights Panther

Heir to the Malachite Throne of Helvetia