COG 1103

by Dargon Estilan for Hawk and Hernshaw
A Report on the Convocation of Guilds 1103

By Dargon Estilan Scribe to Hawk and Hernshaw

Creatures of the 4 physical elements turned up to play a bit, the earth one was perhaps the most helpful explaning that they had come into being and wern’t exactly sure why, they knew it was wrong and asked the mages guild to sort it out, we decieded to wait for light.

We had warnings that the cult of necromancers that created the necromantic alters on ustica 2 years ago had returned and were up to something.

The corrupt vine creatures created by the maladius cultist at the nature of changed meeting attacked, they were tracked back to a nest but we decieded to wait for light before dealing with it.

The Empereor Josharim II sent an emissery with offerings to each guild basically demanding that they join with him in his new empire. Most guilds still have not made any formal decleration of agreement or refusal. The emissery announced that the emperor would turn up tommorrow to listen to the guilds responses.

In the evening some ghost type creatures appeared and were freezing and draining power from people, Some important incanters wandered in their direction and I didn’t hear any more of them.
A mission to Caer Dannon to destroy some demons that were attacking the tree of life there was also successful. On route the rescues some former Albione knights from the year 1073, The order of the White Templars, though two of them died on the mission. They were apparently based in a citadel in Albion
A creature from the plane of life, possibly a spawn of life, wandered in following Master Sol Tempest, It was curious, had things explained to it and eventually it left.

In the morning we gathered up and began searching for the cause behind the appearance of the elemental creatures, a number of shrines were discovered one for each of the basic 8 elements earth, air, fire, water, light, dark, time and void. A group of people had been going arround trying to sort them out and had basically coruptted and destabalised them thus opening gateways to the elemental planes, as the day progressed elementals of various sorts emerged from these shrines and hit people, they were very powerful elementals many of them immune to normal weapons and wielding a variety of magics, later on some para elementals began to emerge though the only one I can reacal being seen were magma elementals.

The mages guild decided that the shrines needed to be purified and so visited all the shrines performing rites to purify them, all eight rights were successful, though the time rite had already been performed by the local time worshiping goblins, and master time.

As myself Celedore, Terwin, Merath and Master Earth were investigating the water shrine, some water elementals emerged, having no weapons that could hurt them and merath and terwin falling over in the first few seconds we decided that telportation was the better part of valour and as I teleported Merath and Celedore teleported terwin, master earth teleported himself. We quickly healed Terwin and Merath and realised that we were down a tome, the water tome to be precise. I’m not exactly sure what happened but when we returned to the shrine the tome was nowhere to be seen. With the assistance of Master Earth the water elementals were frozen and dissected by a couple of enchanted weapons. The tome was still nowhere to be found. It was with horror that we realised the tome had taken a vacation to the Elemental plane of Water, with no immediate way of getting it back we pressed on with the rites, the attacks by the elemental creatures lessened the more we progressed and as we finished the attacks concluded.
magical diseases seemed to be afflicting people and these led to people being deaf blind and other bad things these required countermagics and cure diseases to fix, some where very serious others less so.
The emperor apparently turned up I missed him as I was busy with the shrines, so i’m not entirely clear about what transpired, but we learnt that the empereor has the Orb of Magic.
The Emissary of J II took representatives of all the Guilds, with the sole exception of the Incantors, to tebron as part of the negotiations with J II. However, Esmund of the Incantors and Vipers went along to observe as he felt that even though the Incantors Guild would not negotiate with the unliving “emperor” they should be at least aware of what happened.
a healers guild mission to elvas was dispatched to locate and correct the pattern of the former life master Cerryn McNutter, it was successful, though apparently Master Sol Tempest did some spiritual stuff to get rid of the lich, i’m not sure what.
Lots of unliving attacked the main guild house on the Island their source was unclear.
Champions of every guild were appointed and entered the pattern forge to be enhance so that they could commune with and defend Ustica, they would however be required to remain on Ustica after the convocation. The Incantor’s champion on Ustica was killed late on the saturday night. A new one was chosen to replace him.
Reaver appeared in the ritual circle with the Tome of Water, claiming to have found it on his travels, he warned us that the Tome had really liked it there and mustn’t be allowed back.
The masters of the archers guild appeared in some sort of corrupted form, with the exception of Matt who was fine, they were causing wounds with their very touch, some were wounds to body others to mind, the source of these creatures remains a mistery but is believed to be linked to some silent monks that were about.
Some corrupted creatures of darkness appeared and sniffed around looking for magical items but didn’t seem to bother anyone so I think they were allowed to wander off again.

Upon further investigation the shrines seemed to be balancing themselves, the circle was unaffected, but the champions said that Ustica felt better and was undergoing some changes for the better. The exact purpose for these shrines remains unclear.
The cause of the magical disesase were a curse that had been placed upon some healers causing them to infect people they healed, this was cured by a ritual. I’m unsure on the exact origins of the curse.
The Orb of Spirit had come into the possession of Master Ys and returned to the incantors by him as a gesture of good faith.
An unliving army was apparently arriving on the island as reported by the local goblins, the perpetrator was identified as the Administrator, an old dark elf necromancer that had stolen the orb of spirit and defeated the factions at the first moot last year.
The adminstrator was defeated whilst in a forbidding by a sustained barrage of arrows and bolts delivered by the archers guild under the direction of the guild leader.
During the fight with the unliving army Ys was infected with a decaying disease and was eventually cured by an alchemical potion provided by the Emperor.
Then we left.