Child of Albion

Child of Albion was composed by Lady Falcon as a dedicaiton to The Mother when Beatrice Wychwood was carrying the Mother Reborn.
Library Archivist
Summer 1105

by Madelaine Falcon

Child of Albion born into light
Within you are all of our dreams taken flight
Strong be your heart then and clear be your sight
Child of Albion flames burning bright

To always be fair and to always be just
To face up to fear with the stoutest of hearts
To always be noble and try to do right
And never to fear from the coming of the night

Child of dreaming and child of love
Within you the raven, the hawk and the dove
The grace and the beauty we’re all dreaming of
Child of moon and of stars up above

Repeat Chorus

Child of wonder my oath has been made
The great dream of Albion never will fade
Nor fall to the tricks of the magpie or jade
Child of hope and the dawning of day

Repeat Chorus