The Sundering of Albion

Taken from records uncovered by our Bards, in the Faction Archives At the beginning of the Gathering of 1094, held in Erin, the Harts did not exist as a Faction. The Lions most certainly did. The Lions were led by Lord General Corvus of House Corvidae. He was the leader of the Council of Lords General set…

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News from the Duchies

With Carlisle recovering from the night raid by Lady Nazeel and her nightmares, the people of Keswick are understandably shaken. The Carlisle Militia redouble their efforts to train a standing guard for the refugee camps. The Ironfist Dwarf clan relocate to the Duchy, so too do the members of the Adventurer’s Charter. Day by day, the Duchy grows in might and strength,…

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The Silver Fox

An audience with His Excellency, Isaac Bleys Hulce, Lord Counsel of Albion. Who are you? Isaac Bleys Hulce, Lord Counsel to Her Majesty Queen Eloise the First and a Member of the Order of the White Tower. What do you want? The Restoration of Albion by any means. Who is your hero? His Grace, Cadarn Pendragon, Consort to the Late Queen Elspeth. He ensured…

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Forseen Forecast

Rain. Rain. Rain. A little more rain. Some sun. Some wind. Some more rain. Alas and alack, but this is the weather we’re so used to, made much worse by the recent bad times. The weather in Al-Quafar is likely to be quite hot. Be sure to wear sun cream, but also ensure that your cloak is near to hand – our hosts may well try to…

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Mystic Mal

Mystic Mal forsees rain. Lots of rain. All of the rain. Perhaps some sun, but mostly rain. Mystic Mal forsees that gentlemen attempting to woo the queen may soon be experiencing peril, and need to avoid angry bearded ancestor worshippers. Mystic Mal forsees that the best time for picking Strawberries will be 19:00 to 21:00 on Saturday.


The Herald is sad to report the tragic loss of Robbie Quicksilver, of the Order of the Pendragon. Robbie mustered onto the field to aid our friends and neighbours in the fight against the minions of Dracos. Sadly, he fell, and was taken to Al’Quafar. Though officially missing is presumed dead.


The Herald wishes to congratulate Rathdon & Meek on ten years of marital bliss. On the Saturday evening they’ll be celebrating at Meek’s Mystical Bazaar, in the markeplace.


The Herald wishes to congratulate Osuna on her elevation to the position of  Sheriff, due to her exemplary use of an ancient Norscan technique to test the Hart’s security.