Cosmology and Life

It should be noted that these documents predate the cataclysm since when much has changed including the ability to travel from this egg to others. The Author is believed to be the Aratian philosopher Atan al-Rashish, written by his scribe Tiresh, 553 years before the founding of the Great Library of Norhault. Translated from the…

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Book of Unliving Pre 1105 – Enias Charenton

Librarians Note : This information is highly unlikely to still be accurate post the Cataclysm. Bone Demons Description It is not really fully known whether Bone Demons are themselves unliving, or if they are in fact a Demon that has come to look particularly like a form of unliving. Either way Bone Demons themselves are…

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Prayer of Order of the Stag

In the name of the Hunter and before his eyes I pledge myself in life and death.<br /> I shall serve and follow my Alpha tooth and claw.<br /> In the name of the Consort I shall protect and care for the young and my mate.<br /> In the name of the Woodsman this land…

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Oath of the Order of the Stag

I swear to protect Albion and its lands by destroying any threat, whether foe, pestilence or blight. I swear to do this by acting as one with the order, using any and every means we have. I swear to seek the health of the land in seasons of wax and wane.

Encoded messages from Blackwood Keep

The following are papers collected from Blackwood Keep in the spring of 1112, written in an old tongue. Letters are represented by entire words, and while punctuation exists spaces are not preserved. The key was broken and the papers were painstakingly transcribed. The translations are filed here with the documents. It is said that the…

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A clarification of a matter of law

as raised at the Harts Grand Council of 1099 At the Harts Grand Council of 1099, Lerianneth Penhaligon of House Karlennon petitioned the Throne to clarify a matter of Albion Law; namely, the status of the Stewards Guild and their rights within Albion when carrying out the business of assassination. Her Majesty, Elspeth clarified the…

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