Cannis Translations

It was actually very easy to entrap Lord Cannis. He was terrified of death and sought means of prolonging his life and as a last resort he researched into necromancy to bring himself back after death. With this knowledge it was child’s play to obtain a magical belt that would keep him in slumber for centuries. Then all I had to do was to forge documents that stated that there was an item that would allow him to live for many years.
The hard part was to allow his agents to find the scrolls without them knowing where they came from.
Once we were in the old tomb, I knew his desire for eternal life would overcome his caution. As soon as he put on the belt I left before he could command me to remove it. I have betrayed his trust. I have imprisoned him in a living death, but have not broken my geas to him. I have not attacked him and have not disobeyed him, but still I feel like a traitor.

Alpha Lord of the Moonwalkers

Lord Cannis was betrayed by his primary advisor Lord Greymantle. He was constantly looking for things to prolong his life, so Lord Greymantle obtained for him scrolls that detailed the resting place of a magical belt that would enable the wearer to live for centuries. What he kept back was that this would slow down the life of the wearer so that they were in a deep slumber that allowed their life to expand over many many years.
Lord Greymantle accompanied him to the place of the belt and was present when he put it on. Lord Cannis has never been seen since.
Lord Cannis united the tribes under his stable leadership. Even the most warlike tribes gave into him without a fight. Soon he had established the realm of Cannis. he built an empire from tribes of nomads and astounded his enemies. Soon he had an army of almost invincible warriors.
They invaded the surrounding tribes and their powerbase grew. Through it all it was the will of Lord Cannis that held this all together. Soon there came rumours of a split in the ruling body. There were those who disagreed with Lord Cannis’ ideas and several promises.
Anti Cannis activists vanished without trace, then Lord Cannis vanished and the empire he built fell into civil war.

After the initial war was over, the empire of Cannis was less than half of its former size. Many of its outlaying property had reverted to its former owners, and there was not enough strength in the armed forces to re-take them. soon after this the Moonwalkers, under Lord Greymantle began the second purge of the cult of death, Lord Cannis’s old followers. Many citizens were brought to trial on charges of sedition and many were taken to the charnel pits for beheading with the ceremonial silver axe and the feeding of their bodies to the dogs.