Campaign Report: Of Hersingham Wood, September 1118

Regarding the mission to investigate the expected appearance of an elven city, led by Lord Seneschal Raphael Medici and Sir Theo d’Arby:

We were unable to prevent the fey-killing weapon being formed, although the elf lord (name unknown to me) who held it was slain. The wood should be considered a hostile area at this time, as Aquilian elves remain in the area, with many displaying high magics. I have not seen any other sign that an entire city had appeared, and recommend that this be investigated.

The entire area was surrounded by an unnatural mist which prevented anyone leaving the area, and disrupted transport to the beacon placed by the scouts.

A large number of orcish pirates, maybe two hundred and many with flaming weapons, attacked looking for recruits and were dealt with. It was assumed that these were part of the group seen near Iver earlier in the year, and it may be that the ships can be retrieved from the area.

The lich from Londinium came with some heavy foot unliving which were destroyed. It is unclear how its teleport allowed it to depart, but its nature may have allowed it to pass through the mists.

Regrettably, Baroness Kiyantey d’Arby of Southampton was slain, murdered by a powerful unliving assassin carrying her tarot card; a number of other cards were located over the weekend; it is unclear if these were dropped or from killed bearers. The power of the assassins exceeded any seen previously. Kiyantey was interred within the wood.

Also lost was a member of the Court of Brass.

The Laird Arcane of Caledonia Fonn Nathair, Voice of the Court of Tears, was pulled into the mists, attempting to summon forth a shard of the weapon. As the mists dissipated almost immediately, her whereabouts are unknown. Use of the Plantagenet map indicated that she was not within Albion.

The Lady of the Lake came, her mind clouded. There was some (inconclusive) evidence that this may have been due to her connection with Excalibur and the corruption by the lich earlier in the year. An attempt was made to restore her which appeared to be successful. She brought with her a highly magical item that will allow parts of the Round Table to be moved from where they rest.

The Albion ritual circle network is down, as a result of Golgamoth’s victory causing the destruction of Milford Cathedral. As of the weekend, the only circles active are Eloise’s Garden and Meecham, thanks to the Watchers.

Cawd Henriksen