Cake…or Death?

Scribed by the Herald’s Own  Anya Kneasen-Gagg

The Midsummer celebrations were packed full of games and competitions.  Few games that include any sort of weapon can be considered safe, although when the weapon is poison there is always a different type of peril. 

It’s a quiet killer, it sneaks up on you.  It doesn’t have the honesty of a blade or hammer.  It’s usually cleaner.

Unfortunately, for one Sarsparilla of the Dragons, Cake or Death was to be the last game she would ever play.  Run by our very own Mistress Culpepper, there were reportedly nineteen competitors and nineteen pieces of cake. 

One of these slices was lethally poisoned.  Accounts state that the game was outlined, each person would take their piece of cake, the poison was stated, and how to cure it was explained. 

Everyone was warned, everyone agreed, and the game commenced.  Each participant took a piece of cake, and ate it, they waited, and the next person took a slice, ate it, they waited…

Approximately six people did this before Sarsparilla took a piece of cake, she ate it, and this time when they waited she collapsed.  Unfortunately from here reports are confused, but it is believed that she was under the protection of a Chant of Sanctuary prior to death but an inadequate level of purge was placed, and unfortunately she was lost once the chant ceased. 

It serves as a lesson that our healers are vital, and that healing correctly is not always a simple task.  I’ve also been advised that it was very good cake.