Bears and Wolves relationship sours

Sources close to Wolves command have alleged that feelings in the faction are becoming strained over the issue of the occupation of the islands of Orkneyjar.

With the Bears still claiming Orkneyjar as their sovereign territory, despite the Wolves protestation that the land belongs to them, the Herald is unsure at this time how the matter will be resolved. Members of both factions are currently engaged in the siege of Caer Dannon, the Holy Island of the Dragons, as part of an “Alliance of Faith” Given the occupation of Orkneyjar it has been suggested that the occupation of the beaches of Caer Dannon is somewhat hypocritical.

A friend of the Herald, wishing to remain nameless, who we know to be within the inner circles of the Three Queens of Caledonia, had this to say: “The Wolves may think what they like, the Isles of Orkneyjar belong to Caledonia. If they think we’ll pack up and wander home, they’ve got another thing coming. A mass of hairy, kilted folk charging towards them!”