Battle of Bristol (17th May 1096 AF)

Sir Huw de Grognard

Commander:- Lord General Calin of the Hunters, Banatar of the Harts. Wing Commanders:- Sir Hugo Charenten and General Tarn. Chief of Staff:- Sir Huw de Grognard.
Hawkeye Brigade:- Baron Hawkeye of the Hawkshead Archers [Hawkshead Archers]

Tiamat Brigade:- Baron Tiamat of the Karlennon Wolverines [Karlennon Wolverines, and the Slayers.]Tarn Brigade:- General Tarn of the Hunters [Hunters, Beastmen, Knights of the Dark Sun, and Evil Sunz.]Reserve:- Captain Finn McKinnon [Clan McKinnon]Northern Cymrijan Army:- Lord (Warband)Eastern Cymrijan Army:-Lord (Warband)


By nightfall Bristol could be seen in the distance. An armed camp was set up with constant patrolling of the Incantors to warn against Unliving infiltration attempts. Several of these were foiled during the night. Duke Calin and General Tarn were very active at this stage to see that all were suitably prepared for the toil of the next day. Upon the early hours of the morning, came the sounds of battle from the East. The Army of Exeter was under attack. Little support could be given at this time.
Just before dawn the army was roused from its uneasy sleep. The army was arranged in three battles with a strong reserve held behind the centre commanded initially by Lord Calin himself. It was known that this was going to be a battle of attrition. All supplies and support troops were closed up to the front. Relays of food and water from field kitchens were carefully arranged by me to feed them where they stood.

Many tales of heroism will be told of this day. The soul of the Harts army was worn so proudly by Lord General Calin, General Tarn and Sir Hugo Charenten. These were often found in the midst of the fiercest fighting standing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of the Hunters, the Karlennon Wolverines, and the Hawkshead Archers. The Dragons, the Harts and the small Unicorn contingent were severely taxed as the fighting raged for over 12 hours. During the fighting, units were skilfully rotated under the watchful eye of Lord Calin and his capable captains. Just after 7 O’clock, there was no longer the sounds of battle from the Exeter. Jaddvor Erland with his tired defenders made a few half hearted sallies from the confines of Bristol.

Some time in the afternoon, Lord Schadel Ra confronted Lady Katrina in her camp. This distraction caused her to lose her control over some of her legions and caused the battle to degenerate into one of slaughter. The Unliving legions no longer manoeuvred and the higher Unliving became easier to deal with. Schadel was not seem for a few months after his courageous confrontation and many feared for his safety.

Clan McKinnon with their normal youthful enthusiasm buoyed no doubt with the Beer ration from Hereford efficiently moped up pockets of resistance. These were ably assisted by the Incantors wedges, the distinctive Ice Elves and the Lios Alfar under the watchful eye of Wulfgar, Attila the Nun and Lady Kathen Fairchild. Their assistance will be remembered long in Albion. With other healers, I tended to the cares of the wounded to the limit of our meagre resources. My sword was already by this stage broken but my hopes were rising.

At dusk, the fighting was finally over. I met up with old friends from the Knights of the Dark Sun and the Beastmen. Sir Robert Boyd and Sir Jamie Douglas were glad to see me with a full canteen and well provisioned as ever. The deeds were clearly written upon their faces. In the distance was Lady Akijah Na’Shaar with her quiver long empty, so Lord Calin could not be far away. His triumph could be seen on his face.
By about 9 O’clock, the smell of the funereal pyres pervaded the field. Under the careful supervision of High Incantors the opposing army were burnt so did not come back to plague us again. The wounded and the exhausted were found shelter. The Piquets reported no further contact with the enemy.

Bristol was relieved. Lord Calin finally retired to sleep, the sleep of the just, after he received news of victory before Exeter. My cloak covered him where he slept. Around him were his loyal Hunters. He was so tired that he was unable to take up the offer Jaddvor Erland of a feather bed in Bristol. Lady Katrina had escaped. In my long years, I have never seen an army through absolute fatigue sleep where they fought. Thankfully there was no surprises in the night.