Bard’s Corner

This Edition’s ‘Bard’s Corner’ has been penned by our very own Wyndrake Winterheart, entitled ‘Unhappy is Albion’.

Have you come across some interesting informatiion in the field which you’d like to share? Would you like to know what’s going on across Erdreja? At approximately half-past-four in the afternoon, the Bards of Albion will be hosting a knowledge-gathering and sharing meeting. All are welcome to attend!

Don’t forget Altariel’s box – open it up (it’s a little stiff) and deposit any information you wish to pass on!

Additionally, Revised Editions of the Albion Songbook will be avaiilable from Altariel Narwyn for One Gold Coin – Strange Foreign Currency is alsothe Restoration of Albion.

Unhappy is Albion! I should not

be content

To see it’s verdure overgrown;

To feel the storm-borne breezes

that are blown

Through its wildering woods

with savage trees blent:

Yet do I sometimes feel a


For skies unstormed, and an

inward groan

To see restored the Pendragon


And half forget what war or

enemy meant.

Unhappy is Albion, unsweet are

Calligar’s daughters;

Too much their artful cruelty

t’ward me,

Enough their ravenous arms in

shriek’d clinging:

And do I often warmly burn to


Beauties of the unsullied land,

and hear their singing,

And float with them about the

peace-brought waters.