BACK PAGE SPORT Jug not, lest ye be Juggered!

THE TEASE is pleased to break the news that
the playboy, merchant prince and man about
town Karl Morgan has been confirmed as
manager of Albion’s premier Jugger squad, the
Creamy Teasers.
And excitement is already rising, with much
speculation that under Morgan’s management,
the team could rise to the top, like the cream
with whom they share their name.
“We are going to win the inaugural league,” he
told our sports reporter. “The team are sure to
give it a hundred and one percent to ensure the
glory of Albion, the Harts, Her Majesty and me.”
A sign of how seriously the team are taking the
challenge may be seen from the fact that team
stalwart Noir has shaven his beard off to reduce
wind resistance (although he denies reports
that his chin is now an offensive weapon).
Mr Morgan wishes it known that there are still
vacancies on the team and that trial matches
are planned prior to the first league match on
Saturday afternoon of the Spring Moot. Anyone
interested should make themself known to the
manager at the Cream Tease (by the Harts
faction gate) as soon as possible.