An Attack upon Albion

From the Pen of the Herald’s Own – Luke Ingfor-Love
On the Friday of the recent moot word reached our camp of two attacks that took place on Albion soil. Both attacks were by demons believed to be from the Marchwood area of Albion. The areas affected were the fortifactions of Maiden Castle and Sherburn Keep.
Both were severly damaged in the onslaughts and many defenders were killed or routed by the swarm of demons. Survivors though few have reported in both case the attacks came from the east and without warning in the dead of night.
One witness from Sherburn Keeps militia described the events as follows.
“There was no warning, no offer of terms. The first we knew demons were pouring out from the woods across the open ground like a tide. They barely paused but scaled the walls as if they were running across a flat field. Next we knew they were everywhere, hacking apart anyone who stood in their way, we had no choice…we ran”
At Maiden Castle a strange occurrence took place, as another survivor reports.
“We woz uddled in our lodgin’s sir, dere woz me and da missus and our cubs also da neighbour she woz dere wif her boys. It were orrible we could hear da militia ladz screamin. The demons dey were scary quiet like was eerie. Next fing we knew the door flew open an in ran a young militia fella and a cupla more of the guards carrying dere injured seargent. We thought we waz gonners coz a tall skinny demon followed dem in took one look around da room den put a clawed finga to whereits lips shulda bin, we kept quiet like, while he stood in da doorway, all da uvver demons dey just passed by. He saved us I swear it!”
The fortification are both reported to be known locations of Hellmouth stones and as such are the likely reason these horrible attacks occurred. This is the Hellmouths first major offensive on Albion soil and is clearly a show of the forces they have at their disposal since the creatures stole Excalibur at the Great Erdrejan Fayre this year.
Whether we shall see more attacks like this one remains to be seen.