Albione Almanac

The weather of our once fair land continues to follow the same pattern of which we have seen so much of late.
We have intermittent sheets of rain sweeping across the country, with the odd ominously fierce thunderstorm, and many a swift and violent gale. Visibility conditions remain poor, in part due to the fog, and in part due to the giant trees blocking most of one’s eye-line.
We recommend that any travel be kept to a minimum – please keep in mind, not every circle is stable.
Pack for all weathers – at this time it is not unusual to experience every kind of weather in less than an hour.
Avoid shambling squadrons of unliving. Similarly avoid wild, overly large animals – they’re quite keen on ripping off faces.
The one thing you don’t need to worry about is the sun – that hasn’t been seen in Albion in a while.