Albion, 1096

Sir Huw de Grognard
It had finally been agreed at the Moots that the situation of Civil War in Albion was to be resolved at the Gathering. The Gauntlet was thrown down by Lady Elspeth and reluctantly Jaddvor accepted, knowing that he stood little chance to win. He appeared to want to kill as many Harts as possible,

Baron Guillium de Bruges on behalf of the Knights of the Dark Sun, Baroness Zircon and Sir Huw de Grognard being born in foreign lands swore allegiance to Albion.

During a ritual conducted by Lady Kathen Fairchild, despite Kathen’s misgivings, Ninniane of the Lios Alfar summoned the Wild Hunt to give power to the Harts. However, she was unable to control the Wild Hunt. The Hunter appeared after Kathen asked for his help. The Hunter called back the Wild Hunt and agreed to use his own power to strengthen Lord General Calin, who was present within the circle, in order that he could protect and serve his people.

Corvus of the Lions was put on trial in his absence for various crimes. The main charges related to the signed parchment that consigned the lands of Albion to the hands of Satûn in exchange for some dark powers. The blood signatures were verified by the Alchemist Guild. Lord Jaddvor of the Lions was the prosecuting, the only case he was going to win at the Gathering. Loren Silverblade of the Fellowship of the Full Moon put up a valiant and long case for the defence. King Gustav acted as the judge of the proceedings. He was accord with the other Lord Generals present in decreeing that Corvus and Roxanne would forfeit their lives if they are found within Teutonia, Albion or Norsca.

Sir Huw was in the Hunters’ antechamber when Lord Calin ordered the tent to be evacuated. I was the fourth person out of the tent from last in the queue not bad for an old man. Lord Calin was strolling around the tent trying to find out where the poison was. Assistance came from those knowledgeable about poison who ran in and out of the Command Tent taking fresh air breaths each time to discover the whereabouts of the poison. All the candles were extinguished and after about ten minutes the all clear was given.
BATTLE WITH THE LIONS (24th August 1096 AF)

At midnight on Friday, Jaddvor led his troops into our camp spoiling for a fight. The Battle for Albion was brought forward to Saturday rather than the previously agreed Sunday to avoid further "bloodshed." It was not until late Saturday morning that it was finally agreed. This caused a great strain upon the War Office. Most of whom were out upon the Quest for the Eye or at various Rituals and other events that had been arranged. This gave the Harts only a couple of hours to mustered our already dispersed forces. Messengers were sent throughout the Gathering to collect in all of the Harts we could.
Once on the battlefield the Watchers, the Wolverines, the Hawkshead Archers and the Beastmen were quickly deployed in front of the Harts to ward off a pre-emptive strike by the Lions.
The numbers the Lions put in the field were surprising and were comparable to ours. I recognised many from other factions that had been brought in by Jaddvor Erland to, in his words "balance things." The Lions lined up in considerable disorder and advanced so that their left flank was uncovered. The Elves and the Watchers of Darkwood were able to envelop the uncovered this flank made up of Slieve Galleon of the Dragons. Meanwhile there was a general advance of the Harts followed by a charge that the Lions found irresistible. The Prince Bishops Men were directly faced by the Steppe Alliance who had much to chastise them for the previous year’s insults. The Prince Bishops Men were the last coherent unit to fall to the Harts attacks from all directions.
The Beastmen supported by the Hunters smashed their right flank that contained a large number of Unicorns and routed them on contact. The Beastmen without respite collided with the Steppe Alliance despite being on the same side. This was the hardest contested part of the battle.

Jaddvor was captured by the Hunters led by Lord Calin. They tried everything they could think of to kill him but he would not die. He was carried behind the Harts Lines to the Harts Banner. Lord General advised Lady General Karlennon that he should be given the option to yield the field to stop further carnage. The unconscious Jaddvor was carried to within 5 feet of the edge of the battlefield. He was brought round by Lady Elspeth herself, given a sword, and offered the chance to walk off the field under his own power and unmolested. He took this course gladly. This was witnessed by Grand Master Floris Brand. Jaddvor left the field of his own free will.

One of the Exiles attempted to assassinate Lord Calin but cut down Talistar his bodyguard instead. He was chased by Maroc whom he cut down as he reached him. I arrived at his side to heal the intrepid Seneschal to Lady Elspeth. The Assassin was captured and after much fierce discussions with the Exiles, the prisoner was taken unconscious from the field to be tried later for his treason. He was placed in custody of the Knights of the Dark Sun.

After the lost battle, Jaddvor Erland of the Lions gave a speech to attempt to rouse his men. He explained that henceforth they would be known as the Lions of Avalon, and would live on in Exile there. At which point, Lord Caradoc of the Exiles pointed out that they were all technically exiles now, and suggested they all wear the Exile tabard. Jaddvor agreed, in the name of faction unity. Most of the Lions refused to wear the tabard. The idea was abandoned. Jaddvor eventually became as displeased with the Exiles as the rest of the Lions as they were trying to usurp his position.

General Finbarr Caradoc, Leader of the Exiles was assassinated by a member of the Lions and according to them at the behest of Jaddvor Erland. The Exiles executed the assassin outside the ritual of peace. The Exiles stated that they had entered close discussion with the Dragons and Vipers for their services. In spite of this, Lord Arcane seem to have prohibited any of them from stepping upon Dragon land because of their extraction of taxes as they called them from poor members of the that nation.

The Lions captured an assassin who had apparently been sent to kill Jaddvor. This Drow Assassin was tortured in the high command tent, but refused to talk. Eventually magic was used to force him to confess all, and then he was slain using the amulet of death, that Jaddvor carries, on the Lions death rug.

Lion scouts found the location of the fabled City of Camelot, in the Realm of Avalon after much searching. It was in June that the Lions discovered Avalon again. Jaddvor Erland arranged to lead the remaining Lions to these fabled lands of the Fey. Jaddvor allegedly spent many centuries there since the death of Arthur, the Pendragon. However, no-one has entered the city for centuries and it is not known what condition it will be after centuries of neglect. The main ritual circle was closed down by the Grand Master Floris himself some time ago. According to the Mages Guild, this circle could be reactivated. Many of the groups within the Lions have sought to join other factions rather than go into exile in another plane.