A Year as Champion

Winning the championship last summer had a very profound effect. Members of the Harts nation now knew my name, addressed me as ‘Sir Charlie’ and I was now looked to on the battlefield. I was taken aside shortly after and advised that I should curb my ‘headstrong nature’ as it would get other Harts killed. This briefly gave me pause to think, until I decided that I would not change my actions and the Harts would need to live with me as I was!

There are many kinds of champion. Some fight elegantly with finesse, some are great tacticians, some are skirmishers and some, like me, fight with brute strength and sheer force of arms. Over the past year I have attempted to stay in the line of a battle and aid the Harts armies.

However, more often than not, I find myself pushing forward to those down and dying and defending them whilst they are taken back to our healers.  Sadly I was unable to fight with you at Winchester earlier this year and two of my own lost their lives in the battle with Dolorus’ forces. Would I have prevented this had I been there? I will never know but I will always feel responsible for their deaths.

The past year has been very trying for a number of reasons and I have often been conflicted between my duty to the Queen and the Harts and other influences. It is well known that my Lady Nethras was corrupted by Satuun, a prominent unliving ancestor. Though we have started the long road to her recovery against his influence, I fear that I have not always been there when needed, and for that the Harts have my heartfelt apologies.

Over the past year, the Harts have grown from strength to strength, you are barely recognisable from the faction that I first got to know three years ago after joining you on campaign in Cornwall. I am proud to one of your number and to have fought beside you all.

Although I will not always be your champion, I will always be your shield and defender.


House Hulce, Queen’s Champion, Knight of the Rose, General of the White Tower, Lord Lieutenant of the East