A Treaty between Queen Elspeth of Albion and Lord Richard of the Seelie Court

Tenets (10 of them)

1. Lord Richard will dispatch 1,000 (one thousand) of his fae troops to
Winchester. They will stay until the fall.

2. The overall commander of Lord Richard’s troops will report directly to Queen
Elspeth. She may deploy them as she sees fit. They will decide the method of
carrying out her orders.

3. The Fae troops promise to abide by the Laws of Albion of which they are
aware. To this end a Quaesitor of Albion will be supplied to Lord Richard, as
will a common man, to explain the words of the Quaesitor.

4. Lord Richard promises to provide food and provision for his troops. They
will be afforded the same equipment repair facilities as the Albion Army.
Tented or in buildings as appropriate. Lord Richard’s troops will provide
their own bedding.

5. The issue of special items that Lord Richard chooses to supply or expend
will be discussed at a date and time to be arranged.

6. The Nobles of Albion promise to hold a party in honour of the Fae each
Midsummer’s Eve for the next 210 (two hundred and ten) years.

7. The Queen and her Court promise to spend at least one week in Arcadia,
within one year’s time. The Queen may choose the time of this visit. Also the
place within Arcadia may be chosen by the Queen. She may take up to 1,000 (one
thousand) of her people on the aforementioned visit.

8. Furthermore the Court of Albion promises to return to Arcadia for at least
one week during each of the following 5 (five) years. The Queen may choose to
accompany her Court, but is not compelled to do so. The Queen shall choose the
timing of these visits and may send up to 1,000 (one thousand) of her people.

9. A song to recount the journey of the Brave Albiones, to Lord Richard (which
took place on the 15th Day of May 1099), must be composed. This must be sung by
a bard by the Last Hunt of 1099.

10. Lord Richard and up to 100 (one hundred) of his retainers are promised the
hospitality of Albion for at least one week per year as long as he so wishes.