A Tale of Two Loves

Buried neath the stories of old
Lies a truth that’s seldom told
Of the love he bore for his Lady fair
The Lady Guineviere
He was Albion’s greatest knight
Come from across the sea
He lived always by honour bound
Though his heart yearned to be free

What see you in the darkest night
With eyes so true and clear
How strong is faith when flees the light
Does thy heart then know fear

He sought injustice, laid it low
Upholding always the law
The knightly virtues held in him
Loyalty, kindness and more
But evil and hatred came to the court
Lies and deception laid waste
The bravest knight would champion the Queen
For their love was pure and chaste.

Together they fought for they both loved the King
But rumours now had started
The love that grew within their hearts
They never could be parted
At last their love could not be bound
So they fled across the sea
In his rage the King exiled
All thought and memory