A Report on the Unicorn Winter Parliament 1114

Filed by Wildfire

Unicorn Winter Parliament 1114 near the circle of Eldorado’s Jewel

Here is a brief summary of events that relate to the Harts.

There was an ancient vault built by Shadow Elves to house unknown (at the beginning of the weekend) antiquities and threats. The vault is near some relocated Mauritanjan citizens who fled a disaster at a city earlier in the year. Within a mile of the vault is also an Albione refugee camp made up of people primarily from the region around York.

Relevant Unicorns and visitors present:

Harts present – Master Healer Scarlet, Lord Arcane Wildfire, Gideon of the Blackened Staff and Tsubasa Ichihara of the Crows of Albion

Lord Leander – Lord Unicorn
Georgiana – Consul
Charlie – Consul
Minor – Acting Field Marshal
Saph – Apprentice to Tsubasa
Tanner – Unicorns high ambassador
Lady Ash – Watcher
Shaman – Incantors’ guild
Mei-Xie – Incantor/Bard guild
Aeshma – Warden

Archaeologists at the site reported that Friday morning some Albione refugee had been found dead and mutilated in the area. It appears this may have happened before but was not reported. When I inquired to Georgiana about more information she was very angry at the lack of reports and set several Unicorns to follow up on the issue. I asked the archaeologists if anyone had performed any forensics on the bodies and they left to investigate. In the night some unliving attacked camp lead by a banshee which had an unexpectedly low dismiss rank of ten thaums. After hearing them calling for Harts to be handed over and what sounded like insulting comments I dismissed her. The Unicorns handily mopped up the rest.

On the Saturday more bodies were found. The archaeologists returned to say that they hadn’t performed any forensics and that all the bodies had been burned. Some refugees came into camp during the day escorting Unicorns from the town of Bedlam (who were suffering from demonic tumours). Discussion with the refugees revealed poor conditions in the camps, we discussed this with Georgiana and were promised an immediate increase in supplies. Additionally Minor and a gentleman whose name I’ve misplaced were placed in charge of an investigation regarding the dead refugees. Scarlet made inquiries for any information regarding the unfortunate events concerning The Crows at the Gathering. The Unicorns made a promise to advertise for information in their paper and to pass the results to Tanner or Ma Crow. Happy with the state of affairs at this point Scarlet addressed the Unicorns’ parliament to express gratitude for their help and support. Given this and how well we had worked together over the weekend, the Unicorns expressed a wish to create an ongoing friendship potentially leading to fuller alliances. In the night we were again attacked by unliving lead by another banshee though this time she was twice as hard to dismiss and could rip open your pattern by screaming. They again called for any Harts to be handed over and the Unicorns staunchly refused to do so or admit our presence.

On the Sunday we awoke to be informed that when the Unicorns first returned to their base they found a dead Albione pinned to the door and another sprawled on the floor inside. Messages had been left scattered with one in the mouth of the refugee pinned to the door. One message stated ‘Mauritanja for Mauritanjans’, the Unicorns said such a sentiment was only held by one crime family who would gain nothing from antagonising the Harts so this may be a false lead. A message left on the inside corpse read “This one had children, they screamed so prettily” and one left on the altar inside read “Albion will forever fail”. While investigating this it became clear that Shaman was channelling the Hunter who told us the cause of the problem was nearby, needed to be found and dealt with. The Unicorns, while looking for items related to the vault, found two doll tokens which they believed to be phylacteries for banshees. One was destroyed by Saph laying it to rest, the second was dismissed by a wedge organised by Saph and myself. I checked the residue for unliving energies and found nothing but a distinct feeling that the Hunter was pleased. Although we anticipated the arrival of a banshee in response to this none turned up. No more issues directly affected the Harts.