A message from Wyndrake Pendragon – Spring 1119

The Harts of Albion welcome you to the City of Cithlanon! The recent years have brought great suffering. The Fall of Albion saw much of this green and pleasant land marred by destruction, flood, and terror. As the seas claimed our shores, the land itself was rent apart. The wyld ancestor, Calligar, stalked our kingdom, and in doing so laid low our beloved Queen Eloise.

But not all hope was lost, the Blood of Arthur Pendragon sits upon the Throne of Albion. The land begins to heal, the people begin to prosper, and we begin to repair the ruin. Much hardship is behind us, and we welcome you once more to our realm. But not all is yet well within Albion.

A lich named Æthelwald, who has tried to set himself over our people, first as the ‘Prince of Londinium’, holding Cithlanon as the capital of his new ‘realm’. With aid and assistance we have destroyed several of his phylacteries, and of late the Armies of Albion have back pushed his forces to this city.

This ancient Aquillian city was placed in stasis during the time of the Race Wars. Æthelwald is cunning and has already turned factions against each other with his machinations. Now comes the time for the final push, as we take the city back for our own, and invite you to join us there for celebration of the Spring Moot. Friends, allies, and those of you who just like a ruck now is the time we strike.

Wyndrake Pendragon