A Cornishman Abroad

an account by Rowan Heartwood
The news was rife through my village. Me and my mates decided that we would make our way to Rutterkin’s wood to see what was going on. That’s were we met General Tarn, the new Duke of Cornwall. Us Cornish lads don’t usually see much else apart fron the sea or down a mine shaft so I decided that it was my chance to do something for the greater good and was lucky enough to be able to join the Hunters.
There’s rumours of some Cornish Pirates in the Bears, but when I arrived at the Gathering I met nobody else from Cornwall, But it didn’t matter ’cause as soon as I arrived I met so many new and interestin’ people, but the best bit was when I met her Majesty The Queen. A more impressive and kind woman I have never met (‘cept me Ma, but then she does make the best Pasties in the whole of Cornwall).
I met the most interestin’ elves, Blood elves I think they were, and we soon became Friends which came in useful when we were escortin’ a Drow and her bodyguard and we were attacked by what I thought were Tarantulas (To this day I kent for the life of me work out why ’cause nobody explained it to me afterwards) and me an some mates from the Hunters had to hold of the bridge against ’bout 40 of ’em! After a few minutes we needed healers all round, but the escort got away.
The final battle on the last day was one of the most exhausting of my life ( too much of Ma’s Cream!). Seein’ so many people in the same place at once. When the battle started we were suddenly attacked by the Dragons column and to my surprise the Hunters held them. After the battle I headed back to the camp were I met my friend Dawi who said My Fether (cornish spellin’) was dead so I had to return to Cornwall and I can assure you that next year me an’ me mates is comin’ up so watch out!
Rowan Heartwood of the Hunters