A Call to Arms

Pebble has been taken if you have any fondness or love of her then the Dwarves are organising a mission to rescue her. We require aid of items, warriors, healers and casters from any and all that are able. Against her captor and his hordes of Unliving and demons we will need every edge. It will be a fight that shall live forever in tales and songs of the Dwaven nation and beyond, how many people can say they saved the Empress of the halflings and warmaster of the dwarves from the dwarf that started a cataclysm?
It will be a hard fight. It will be a good fight. It is a fight that if not fought here and now will cost us all next time. I will not promise all shall return. Ask yourself would that stop Pebble?
Pebble, War-master of the Dwaven nation and formerly of the Dragons has been taken. Her deeds, and titles are beyond measure and without limit. We beseech you to aid in her recovery with all haste and might. She has aided and been there for every nation over years at court and now we ask you to return her loyalty.
She has been taken by a Dwarf responsible for the Cataclysm of Water and has attempted to start the Cataclysm of Fire if not for the sake of Pebble then come for the prosperity of your nation, come to stop another Cataclysm striking the egg, to avenge what he stole from you during the last Cataclysm.
Brothers, sisters gather yourselves for this is war. This war that will not end with the Dwarves should we fail.
We will remember who answers us in our time of need.
Grom Ironshield of The Ironhold
on behalf of
The Dwaven nation of Erdreja