A Call for a Bard

Subjects of Albion
Your nation needs you
Her Majesty Queen Eloise invites any subject of Albion to enter a grand bardic tourney. Due to the unfortunate demise of our previous Master Bard, the post has become available. As a way of selecting our Master Bard, a grand tourney of bardic skills will be held at the rededication of our nation’s capital. Any Albione subject is able to enter, be you peasant or noble.
The Master Bard is not only a post for entertaining, but has many other responsibilities. Reporting to the Arch Duke they are also responsible for information gathering and dissemination and any other responsibilities involving the power of knowledge, be they song, play, rhyme or report.
The tourney is to be judged by Queen Eloise and members of our allied nations of Erin and Cymria. Any bardic skill may be used in this tourney, although the theme of entries must relate to recent Albione people or events. The winner will be presented with the title of Master Bard by Queen Eloise herself.
Entries are to be given to:
Sir Ross Pendragon, Arch Duke of Naseby by 3pm on 25th Day of the 6th Month 1116.
The tourney will take place at 8pm that very same evening.
May luck and the blessing of The Trinity be with you all in this quest.