1096 AF, A Diary of Events

Sir Huw de Grognard
10th January 1096 AF
Teespoon was sheltering in House Chreotha after being afflicted by a delusion that she was half Drow caused by the treatment at the hands of House Naxos D’Fey at the recent Gathering. It is thought that she has the mark of Loth upon her. She was no longer welcome with Matron Mother Xullrae of House Chreotha. Teespoon wished to return to her beloved Albion but was frightened about the reaction of certain people within Albion.
21st January 1095 AF
Asked Chazymyr of House Chreotha for the safe conduct of Teespoon from the Underdark. He was agreeable and was thankful for the release from the torment that Teespoon has put him through. Lady Akijah Na’Shaar stated that Duke Calin would be welcome Teespoon in the Greenwood. The Lios Alpha may be involved in her cure.
1st February 1096 AF
Lady Ailish was informed by Sir Huw of the insulting version of the Kidnapping of her at the Gathering of 1095 AF by Drax Futura of the Pizzens. Lady Ailish later informed me that the Pizzen affair has been placed in the hands of the Cray Twins if Baron Lachlan does not get to them first.
6th-8th February 1096 AF: Imbolc Festival
The Imbolc Festival was hosted in Bristol by Jaddvor Erland. Baroness Zircon led a deputation from the Harts. The un looked for arrival of Lady Ailish O’Donovan relieved her of this duty as she surprised her betrothed, Baron Lachlan. It was announced that Corvus and Lady Roxanne had left for unknown lands to find their son. Corvus relinquished any claim to Albion to Duke D’Addernoir (Blackadder) and Viceroy Jaddvor Erland.
12th February 1096 AF
Attacked by Drow from House Naxos D’Fey on the way back from the Greenwood. I was left for dead. My trusty steed lay motionless at my feet when I came to conscious. It took me many months to regain my vitality.
1st March 1096 AF
Met Conor on ship to Teutonia yesterday who agreed to accompany me to the Underdark as he also has business there. Lord Calin had instructed me to obtain the custody of Battenburg and Teespoon then to conduct them to the Greenwood.
2nd March 1096 AF: Festival Of The Full Moon
Arrived in Norsca a little wet and bedraggled. I was the guest of the Fellowship of the Full Moon. Attila the Nun was in temporary charge of the Incantors Guild while Lady Denuvial is on a pilgrimage. Confrontation with Jarek Merkarius of House Naxos D’Fey.
6th March 1096 AF
Visited Chazymyr Fenderath Chreotha in his City of Acheron in the Underdark. The smell of lavender and the strangely familiar decorations of flowers looked so out of place in the Underdark. A certain Low Elf had been at work. Chazymyr with great relief handed over my charges. Both Battenburg and Teespoon accompanied Conor and me from the Underdark.
8th March 1096 AF
Reached the exit from the Underdark. It is the first time I have been to Bollington. Baron Malik was very welcoming. A couple of days later, we met Lady Akijah Na’Shaar. Teespoon and Battenburg had almost driven Conor crazy. It took about a week to reach the Greenwood.
28th March 1096 AF
Unliving army have been sighted coming out of the sea just south of Bristol in Cornwall. A few days later it became clear that they were under the control of Lady Katrina de Venoir. Her objective was the Ritual Circle at Bristol. This she failed to take so she laid siege to Bristol and Exeter.
29th-31st March 1096 AF: Sun’s Dawning
Sun’s Dawning was hosted by Baron Lachlan in Dal Riada in Erin. It was here that I first learnt of the that the Unliving have started to besiege the Lions in Bristol and were threatening Gloucester. I prepared the way for the movement of various armies to support the Harts in the fight against the Unliving.
1st April 1096 AF
Lord Holbon of the Gryphons lost his head.
4th April 1096 AF
Lord Wolf, Lady Tigre and most of the command group of the Wolves were swept into the Rift. The Mages Guild shut the Ritual Circle at Bristol.
4th-7th April 1096 AF: Dragon’s Blood
This was hosted by Lord Arcane in Cymrija and was where Lord Arcane mustered his forces to assist the Harts in driving the Unliving out of Cornwall.
4th-7th April 1096 AF: Viper’s Parliament
The Vipers Parliament was held at King Gustav’s palace in Teutonia. It celebrated the naming of the Royal Heir who been born to Queen Bronwyn the previous Autumn. The Royal Palace had over the last year undergone much refurbishment since the war with the Cobras for the control of Teutonia.
8th April 1096 AF
Golgamoth laid waste York and killing most of the populace including Duke D’Addernoir. The Harts army was on standby. The forward units have were already around Bristol including the Beastmen.
11th April 1096 AF
The scouts under Sir Guillame de Hawkeye of the Hawkshead Archers loose contact with the Unliving Army led by Golgamoth as they swiftly move away from York.
13th April 1096 AF: Convocation Of The Guilds
This was an eventful time. Jaddvor made an impassioned plea for help against the Unliving that had invaded Cornwall and were investing the remains of the Lions in Bristol and Exeter. Lady Katrina du Venoir was hostility received when she announced her marriage to Lord Satûn at the Gathering of 1096 AF. Lord Arcane with his usual a verboseness announced the new Gathering Charter. The previous one had been lost by Master Floris Brand. On a much light note, my Ward, Teespoon gave to the very appreciative Chazymyr of House Chreotha a Jelly Spider in thanks for his kindness. His features was a picture and lightened proceedings somewhat.. Late in the day, Morgannia of the Hunters thwarted the assassination attempt upon Lord Jaddvor Erland after his affront to the Matron Mothers.
19th-21st April 1096 AF: Hart’s Parliament
In an interesting service Lady Elspeth Karlennon and Earl Tarragon of Chester were married by Lady Kathen Fairchild. There was much speculation whether Lady Elspeth would jump or step over the broom. To her husband, she gave him the Duchy of Winchester. I thought the Candlestick that warded against incense poison from Lady Celyn, Baron Malik and Supascout, was a very apt gift to such a prominent couple. The honeymoon was organised by the Lios Alpha. Sir Guillame de Hawkeye and Sir Hugo brought the new The Harts decide to go to war against the Unliving now. We [the Harts] accept military support from the Dragons but supplies from the Unicorns, Vipers and even the Tarantulas. I was amused by Master Violet being made to dance by Ninniane of the Lios Alfar. My heart was lightened by seeing my fellow countryman Sir Manwyddon alive after he was lost when he fought a Death Night at the Gathering of 1094 AF. The Great Hunt was re-inaugurated.
19th-21st April 1096 AF: Unicorn’s Parliament
24-27th May 1096 AF: Dragonfest
1st May 1096 AF: York Devastated By Golgamoth
The Lions reoccupy devastated York. The Bears crossed the border into Northern Albion to chastise the 5th Legion of the Lions that had disintegrated into marauders and was pillaging the inhabitants of Southern Caledonia. The Bears delivered a check with only their vanguard. The Lions “retired” very swiftly to the stout walls of Chesterfield before Lord Wraith could cut off their retreat with two Armies.
14th May 1096 AF: Battle of Caer Herne
There was the first pitched battle in the cleansing of Albion of Unliving scourge. The combined nine legions of the Harts and the Dragons with support elements from the Unicorns were faced by a lone Unliving Legion guarding the pass of Caer Herne. In the morning, a combined force of light troops cleared most of the flanking ‘surprises.’ The decisive phase of the battle came around noon when the main assault force to storm the barricades blocking the pass was led by Baron Tiamat, General Tarn and Baron Lachlan. The casualties were negligible. By sunset, the Incantors led by Wulfgar, Lady Kathen and Attila the Nun declared the area secure from Unliving.
15th May 1096 AF
This day was spent reorganising the Armies after it had passed the narrow defile to Caer Herne. Roughly a third of the force separated from the main body to march on Exeter. This composed of two Harts Armies, the Dal Riadans and a Dragon Warband under the command of Lord Pleb.
16-17th May 1096 AF: Battle for Exeter
This detachment camped late on the 16th May within sight of Exeter. A couple of hours after dark, the Unliving launched an assault on the camp The dawn caused the power of the higher Unliving to lessen. At about 3 O’clock, the final attempt by the Unliving to storm Exeter occurred. Soon after this, the back of the Unliving resistance was broken and the rest of the day was spent clearing up any pockets of resistance.
17th May 1096 AF: Battle for Bristol
The main army camped at nightfall with Bristol in the distance. The army was arranged into three battles with a strong reserve held behind the centre commanded initially by Lord Calin himself. The Dragons, the Harts and the small Unicorn contingent were severely taxed as the fighting raged for over 12 hours. During the fighting, units were skilfully rotated under the watchful eye of Lord Calin and his capable captains. Just after 7 O’clock, there was no longer the sounds of battle from the Exeter. Jaddvor Erland with his tired defenders made a few half hearted sallies from the confines of Bristol.
18th May 1096 AF
Before dusk, the army was able to mop up the Unliving and few escaped. The night of the 18th of May was relatively untroubled overnight. The townsfolk and the relieving enjoyed the celebrations of victory and gave the Keys of the City to Baron Lachlan. Bristol was relieved. Lord Calin finally retired to sleep after he received news of victory before Exeter. Lady Katrina had escaped.
31st May to 2nd June 1096 AF: Harts’ Moot
Alas I was not present at the Harts Moot because of various administrative tasks required of me in the Huntshire. Hence, I was not present when Drow from House Gereshen sat in Command Tent with the Ring of Elf repulsion being worn by one of the bodyguards of the Matron Mothers. It was rumoured that it was in the possession of the High Ambassador. The mood of the Harts is that the Civil War should be resolved.
7-9th June 1096 AF: Dragons’S Moot
Lord Jaddvor Erland gave the final evidence of Corvus’ pact with Satûn who in return for the power of Dark Magic. Lord Astor of the Fellowship of the Full Moon was taken on his wedding night by Lord Satûn. Sir Hugo Charenten negotiated the retirement of the Bears across their borders. Lady Elspeth caused a storm within the Harts when she gave a sword of Waylund to Jaddvor Erland of the Lions. It was later found that her will was affected by the Swords. With pressure from Sir Huw, Luetharn and other prominent Harts, Lady Elspeth finally agreed to settle the dispute over Albion. With great authority of purpose, she challenged the Lions to a formal battle at the forthcoming Gathering. Jaddvor Erland accepted the challenge with great reluctance of a man who had already lost.
13th July 1096 AF: he Eaton Garden Party
I congratulated Lady Ailish O’Donovan and Baron Lachlan upon their secret marriage in Beaumaris that occurred a few days before. Master White and Black continue their confrontations.
23rd August 1096 AF: The Gathering
The Gathering was hosted by King Gustav of the Vipers. In the evening was the interrupted ceremony of Satûn and Lady Katrina du Venoir. Lord Schadel in his attempt with a large wedge of Incantors to dismiss Satûn disappeared into a Rift with his target. Lady Katrina is left without a husband.
24th August 1096 AF: The Gathering
Despite being a day earlier than planned, the Harts brushed aside the Lions. The planning of the War Council was successful. Alas Jaddvor survived the battle as no weapon we had could harm him. The Council of War was concerned at this turn of fate. On returning to the Harts came news that our camp had been raided. Lord Calin in his usual manner lead a diplomatic approach to the Unicorns to sort the situation. I was present at the unsettling duel of Baron Lachlan and Lord Fig. Both were slain when Baron Lachlan broke his oath and called upon the Spear to kill opponent. I was the first to the Baron’s side. Lady Ailish, his wife, was inconsolable. It later became clear that Lord Ash is the new King of Erin.
25th August 1096 AF: The Gathering
I was in my usual capacity of being charged with the security of the Hart Camp while most were guarding the Excalibur Ritual. Soon news came to me that Mordred was formed from the Seven Chaos Knight. He claimed Excalibur. My dear friend, Grand Master Snake disappeared. There are many rumours. The Orkneyjar Council formed by the Bears and the Wolves of this much troubled land. This is hoped to resolve those incessant hospitalities. The Harts supported the Wolves in requiring the Vipers to stop their invasion of Norsca. The Council of War finished at midnight. The mood was confident. Members of the Fellowship tried assassinate Lord General Calin of the Hunters. These were executed.
26th August 1096 AF: The Gathering
The Gryphons, Harts, Lions, Unicorns and Wolves beat the Bears, Dragons, Tarantulas and Vipers upon the field. Dragons lose the Alliance Sword and much more.
26th October 1096 AF: Open Grand Council
I was harangued by a number of important personages at the Open Grand Council. At least they were not Harts as in the previous years. I was shocked by Lord Arcane declaring war against the Harts if the Sword of Alliance is not returned. Any Lions upon Albion soil will be dealt with as outlaws. The Lions start to leave Albion for Avalon. Lord Timothy de Wilfsbane of the Gryphons will host next year’s Gathering in Lyonesse. The war between the Dragons and Gryphons continues. Tarantulas under new leadership. Lord Wraith of the Bears accuses the Weaponsmiths Guild of sharp practices. Colour Mages upset with the alleged death of Zoist Kyan, the former Black Mage.
10th November 1096 AF
I was informed by Lady Elspeth that Duke Tarragon had decided to step down from his position of Proctor in the Noble Order of Eaton. I bid a farewell to Lady Akijah Na’Shaar as she felt that she could no longer be the Seneschal to Lord General Calin. Many changes within the Harts will occur to cope with the unification of Albion.
23rd November 1096 AF Dragons Parliament
I was sent by Lord Calin to represent him. Lady Ailish and Connall announced their resignations from the External Affairs Department of the Harts. Again Lord Arcane uses threats rather than diplomacy to gain the Sword of Alliance. After much pressure he finally accepts that he should come and talk to the Harts. A delegation will be sent to the Yule Party in January. Slieve Gallion have been told by Lord Arcane that if they do not send any delegates to the Spring Council then they will no longer be considered Dragons. The Flames of Abraham have shown their guilt to removing from this plane a vampire. The illegality of this will be settled at the Vipers Parliament.
30th November 1096 AF McYokels Banquet
Yargon McYokel invited me to his clan’s traditional banquet to celebrate the coming of Winter. The other notable guest was Lady Orenda of Eastwood of the Wolves. It was interesting to talk to Yargon upon the structure of the Incantors Guild and the difficulties that seem on the horizon. He supported the stance of the Flames of Abraham towards Vampires.
6th December 1096 AF Violets Birthday Party
This was a pleasant evening until relations became very strained. I was very annoyed by that Lady in the Lions who certainly did steal my map. Void with his usual adeptness retrieved the remnants. I was not present when Master Violet decided to practice with Mage Bolts upon Maroc. The second time the Green Haired Apprentices prevented medical aid from getting to him in time and he bled to death. The shock of events will haunt me. The night was lightened in the company of the McYokels when we carried on the drinking at an Inn close by.
16th December 1096 AF
I was informed that Lord General Thorvald has given the jurisdiction of Master Violet’s misdemeanours to Grand Master Floris. Certainly the kidnapping charge of Lady Elspeth is in the hands of the High Sheriff of Albion. The first flurries of snow concern greatly as there is much talk of a very bad winter.
31st December 1096 AF
The last Lion left Albion for Avalon. Their passing will not be mourned by the men of Albion. I wonder how many of their ships will be destroyed in the winter gales. I hope for the forthcoming year. Earl Hawkeye has the Wardenship of Cornwall. The Slayers have moved into Yorkshire to secure this area.