1095 – A Diary of Events

Sir Huw de Grognard
These are the events recorded at the time by a Vassal Knight in the service of the Countess of Shrewsbury until he was created the Steward of Huntingdon by Lord Calin. These are as accurate as one poor man can make them.
5th January 1095 AF
Corvus has not handed over Orias. His bad faith has made the treaty worthless. Corvus still acts as a despotic monarch even though he does not use the title of ‘King.’ He is not the man I knew. Morax, the sword taken from Baron Gondric of the Pride, slain by Duke Calin, was one of the temporary swords that should have disappeared. This is still in Hart’s safe keeping. The time-scale for the Pendragon seems to have become advanced. Most Harts cannot now accept Corvus under any circumstances. It would have been better for all of us and his memory that he was killed in the battle last year.
20th February 1095 AF
Corina of the Green on her visit to Huntingdon, stated the Ritual Circles were reduced in power greatly since last year and the magical items produced by them seem to have lost their enchantments.
1st March 1095 AF
Unliving have been detected all round the known world, including on the South Coast of Albion, Caledonia, Norsca and Teutonia. All the militia that was sent into these areas has not returned. Sir Hugo Charenten, Lord Marshal of the Harts, has forbidden any more forays into these areas.
6th March 1095 AF
Duke Calin of the Greenwood is greatly concerned over the spread of the Elven Plague. All the Elder Races have been infected and may also infect the Younger Races.
12th March 1095 AF (Harts Council)
The Council of the Harts of Albion was hosted by Lady Elspeth Karlennon and her brother Sir Hugo Charenten. Incantor magic has returned to this world. Schadel, Undead Slayer, stated, "Large numbers of Unliving have been seen around Bristol. They control a large area of land and seem to be waiting for something. All the Militia that have been sent to fight them have joined the ranks of the Unliving."
10th April 1095 AF
Master Schadel, ‘Undead Slayer’, disappeared.
30th April 1095 AF (Lions Council)
The Lions Council of Albion was held in the Great Hall of York Castle. Corvus called his niece, Lady Karlennon traitor. He announced the alliance between the of the Lions, the Wolves and the Tarantulas. Vindryss Naxos D’Fey of the Tarantulas announced the access points from our Underdark to being at Berwick, Naseby, Nottingham, Tauten Gorge and Silverlake. Corvus attempted to arrest Baron Lachlan, the Dragon’s Ambassador. He only relented when the Harts stood by Lachlan.
2nd May 1095 AF
Baron Lachlan treatment by the Harts greatly pleased him. The Harts renounced any territorial on Cymrija. He has taken a shine to Lady Ailish O’Donovan who also originates from the Emerald Isle of Erin.
16th May 1095 AF
Severe strains in the Lions caused by Lord General Corvus calling Duke Anree a traitor, his most loyal supporter.
20th May 1095 AF
To quote a few parts of the letter I received from Baron Lachlan, "I wish to thank the Harts and Lady Elspeth for her hospitality. I have returned safe to me beloved Erin….To be frank, I was very worried before I attended the Lions Parliament. When I reported Corvus’ actions to the High Court of Erin, a cry of joy went forth from my Lords that they were dealing with such an inept man….Oh on lighter matters, the Fool is the Dragon’s ambassador to the Lions. This will make a great pair."
7th June 1095 AF
Lord Wolf has called for warriors and Incantors to clear the Isle of Orkneyjar of its Unliving inhabitants. Lord Wolf is the host of this year’s Gathering in Norsca. Lord Wolf suspected the Bears of shipwrecking his ship off the coast of Caledonia and looting the cargo of excellent drinking mead. Another ship was found off the coast of Lyonesse totally deserted and covered in strange seaweed material. The last entry in the log was "ITS COMING FOR ME…" written in blood. Probably sea monsters and certainly not normal piracy. The strange creatures of the Cobras displaced from Teutonia have caused much concern in Estragales. The Gryphons mobilised to meet this threat.
10th June 1095 AF
Duke Anree declared Norhault and Northumberland neutral and is invited to the Harts’ Moot.
16th June 1095 AF (Harts’ Moot)
Lord General Cuthbert Hunter was present at the Harts’ Moot. He had rarely been seen outside Huntingdon for many years. He was enthralled by all that was going on around him. Late that night the Unliving attacked. The old warrior, Lord Hunter was raring to go into the fight and had to be bodily restrained until a few well-chosen words from Lady Ailish quietened him.
17th June 1095 AF (Harts Moot)
Lady Karlennon charged me and Sir Robert Boyd to draft the Code and Oath for the Noble Order of Eaton. In the evening Duke Calin returned to Huntingdon to ward off an Unliving attack. An hour later, the Harts camp was attacked again by hordes of Unliving. Duke Anree was beguiled whilst wielding Orias, a Sword of Waylund by a Vampire and was restrained only difficulty. Medrault Astrolat was arrested for endangering the lives of a Ritual Circle.
18th June 1095 AF (Harts Moot)
Sir Hugo, Duke Anree, Archbishop Blackadder and Sir Robert Boyd amongst others were beguiled by Vampires the previous night. Duke Anree lost Orias. At midday, Duke Calin returned from Huntingdon. At about 2 PM, the Gryphons were under serious attack by the Unliving. The Gryphons were rescued by the prompt action of the other factions. Many remarked on the ‘Old Campaigner’ shouting instructions to keep in line. Great credit was brought upon our fledgling faction by this day.
25th June 1095 AF (Dragon’s Moot)
Duke Anree joined the Harts as the Lions do not want him. Baron Lachlan has paid court to Lady Ailish O’Donovan with flowers collected by the Kender behind a line of Unliving. Baroness Zircon and Lysandra were falsely accused of being assassins by Kusack of the Lions. He advanced on them and put Orias to Baroness Zircon’s throat and sentenced her summarily to death. Only the intervention of Baron Tarn and Malik saved her life. Lysandra had the presence of mind to escape into the woods. Lord Corvus ascribed the loss last year’s battle to the cowardice Lord General Cynewulf and his Unicorns. In the afternoon, the Wolves were attacked by Unliving and all the factions went to their assistance. The co-operation between the factions in combating the Unliving was very bad. Only the self sacrifice of Raynauld du Chatillon of the Slayers did Tamalaine Khan and Lord Fig amongst others escape from another plane.
27th June 1095 AF
Baroness Zircon informed me that Kusack had given her explanation when he found them upon the Skirmish Area as Lord Corvus and Lady Roxanne instructed. She finally extracted eventually an apology.
3rd July 1095 AF
Lady Ailish O’Donovan traveled to Fort Legit in Erin to be the guest of Baron Lachlan. The political situation in Albion is still very confused and will take time to untangle.
21st July 1095 AF
A serious riding accident in Erin delayed Lady Ailish O’Donovan’s return to Albion.
26th July 1095 AF
Lady Ailish O’Donovan returned to Shrewsbury. Despite her back injury she was in excellent spirits and there seems to be that lilt to her voice again. She was adamant that she will be well enough to go to the Gathering. The conversation was littered with references to Baron Lachlan. He blamed himself for her accident but it was her ego that got the better of her.
5th August 1095 AF
Lady Karlennon called a group leader meeting to discuss the plans for the forthcoming Gathering.
7th August 1095 AF
Baron Annias expressed his ‘apologies’ for injuries he caused to my person and invited me to Gloucester for an ‘interesting weekend’ where I could participate in the torturing Medrault Astrolat, if I wished. The latter part I turned down.
26th August 1095 AF (Gathering)
The Gathering was hosted by Lord Wolf of the Wolves in Norsca. Lios Alfar asked for the assistance to combat the Mordred’s infernal machine that perpetuated the Elven Plague. The Tarantulas refused and caused the wroth of the elves.
27th August 1095 AF (Gathering)
Lord Cuthbert Hunter died in Huntingdon. Lord Calin of the Greenwood became Lord General of the Hunters. Lady Ailish O’Donovan became Duchess of Gloucester. The infernal machine was destroyed by the Lios Alfar. Sir Huw attacked in the Healers Guild.
28th August 1095 AF (Gathering)
Lady Katrina of the Dragons was abducted by Lord Satûn. Lady Karlennon became the guardian of the Swords of Waylund.
29th August 1095 AF (Gathering)
Corvus was once again beaten and the Wolves for the first time in living memory.
3rd September 1095 AF
Lord Arcane and Silkin ap Palarran has taken charge of Cymrija since the disappearance of Lady Katrina. What has happened to Caradog?
10th September 1095 AF
Lady Lysandra took residence in the Black Tower built by Annias in Gloucester. She said, "The chains and the skulls were a little much. Each step of the tower is where Annias keeps his good intentions."
1st October 1095 AF
I bid a fond farewell to Gloucester to take up my new position of Steward of Huntingdon. At least I had not unpacked my books and scrolls from leaving Shrewsbury.
14th October 1095 AF (Council of Lord Generals)
The council of the Lord Generals occurred.
27th October 1095 AF (Samhain Festival)
The Samhain Festival was held by Jaddvor Erland, Lord General of Cornwall, to celebrate the opening of the Coliseum. At midnight, a Ravens had his throat cut by a venom blade and left for dead by his attacker. After about 20 minutes, he was discovered and was cured by the Incantors.
28th October 1095 AF (Samhain Festival)
Kusack attempted to murder Malik who just turns the blade aside with unconcerned ease. Earl Tarragon defeated Kusack in a duel caused by his crude insults towards Lady Karlennon. At midday, Kusack accused Morgannia of attempted assassination of the Raven. Kusack attempted to murder Morgannia. Kusack then insults Lady Lysandra again. A couple of hours later Kusack attempted to drop the charges against Morgannia. Jaddvor accepted this too readily. The exchanges between Kusack and Lady Ailish were very heated. Jaddvor forced Kusack to promise not to malign Lady Karlennon or Lady Lysandra. In return the Harts promise not to ‘verbally play’ with Kusack’s easily injured pride. A few hours later, Lord Fig foiled Kusack’s attempt to murder Corvus. Just after the evening meal, a Wraith with many Skeletal Lords were defeated with difficulty. Kusack disappeared from the jail. At midnight, Kusack returned with his Dark Sword of Waylund. He was finally brought to his knees and then crumbled to dust. Those that were struck by the sword were only cured with great difficulty.
Sunday 29th October 1095 AF (Samhain Festival)
Lady Roxanne beat the nether regions of another Lion with the butt of a firestick. Sir Bedevere removed his genitals to the delight of this ‘Lady.’ Kusack appeared again and was soon dispatched by Lady Ailish and Sir Connall.
11th November 1095 AF (Open Grand Council)
The Open Grand Council was held by the Violet Mage in his Tower by the side of the picturesque Loch Tay in Caledonia.
Queen Cerridwen of the Bears laid claim to Orkneyjar and hence declared war on the Wolves.

Lord Arcane of the Dragon informed the Gryphons that their raids on his coast would not be tolerated and declared war on the Tarantulas.Lord Holbon of the Gryphons declared Adelena and Corvine Sandy MacFinn outlaw.Lady Karlennon of the Harts announced her betrothal to Earl Tarragon and declared war on the Lions.Vindryss Naxos D’Fey of the Tarantulas declared war on those that harboured renegade Drow.Lord Seduraed of the Unicorns wished peaceful trade.Master Schadel warned there are three forces that contest Orkneyjar (he Bears, Wolves and Lord Satûn).Lord Lankin of the Lios Alfar accepted Lord Calin’s offer of sanctuary in the Greenwood.Master White believed that it is 895 AF and attempted to murder Lady Lysandra.Mayhemdistributed small crystals of pure chaos to any fool that would take them. The crystals were considered safe until they were invoked or some magic performed upon them. They could cause evil or good at the flip of the coin to the owner.2nd December 1095 AF (Dragons Council)
The Dragons Council was held in Caerdydd. Lord Magician Arcane of Cymrija and Lord Fig of Erin pledged to fight against Lady Katrina and the evil horde of Lord Satûn. The dragons sent a fleet to Orkneyjar to rescue Lady Katrina from Lord Satûn. Lios Alfar presented Lord Arcane with the Crown of the King of Cymrija.
9th December 1095 AF (Hunters Winter Festival)
The Winter Festival was hosted by Lady O’Donovan and Lady Lysandra at Gloucester. Lady Akijah Na’Shaar was introduced to the Hunters as Duke Calin’s new Seneschal.
16th December 1095 AF (Violet Mages Party)
The Violet Mage birthday party was held in the Mages Guild house in Norhault.